Tuesday, March 31, 2009

5 kinda obscure television characters you might like

And by obscure I mean they cannot be seen on basic cable.

David Brent - The Office
One of my favorite TV characters of all time. I am a sucker for awkward humor. Nobody does this better than David Brent.

Omar Little - The Wire
It takes a lot to frighten inner-city Baltimore drug dealers, but when Omar comes calling they scatter. A shotgun and an indifference to death will do that. And his ghetto version of proper English is wildly entertaining. Omar is the 21st century Doc Holliday.

Leon Black - Curb Your Enthusiasm
In season six of Curb Larry and Cheryl decide to take in the Blacks, a family left homeless by Hurricane Katrina. As an added bonus, Leon Black also moved in...even though he's not a hurricane victim. But Leon does whatever the hell he wants.

Mr. G - Summer Heights High
Summer Heights High was an Australian mockumentary series that only ran for one season. Chris Lilley played the three main characters. Each are great, but the drama teacher, Mr. G, steals the show

Darren Lamb - Extras
Darren is the useless talent manager that struggling actor Andy Millman (Ricky Gervas)somehow got stuck with. Incompetence is always really funny.


jobu said...

while bubbles is a semi-close second, omar is by far my favorite character from the wire, and i'm still only in the second season. that courtroom scene is awesome. i love his "tie".

soup said...

If you're only on the second season, you can be assured that there is a lot more Omar badass-ness in your future.