Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dis and Dat

-Comrade Fidel Castro has gots opinions on the WBC. No points for guessing that he blamed capitalism for Cuba's failures in the tournament.

-I love all my fellow SoDaks that play in the MLB, except for Mark Ellis. And by "all the SoDaks that play in the MLB except Mark Ellis" I mean Jason Kubel. Ellis has the distinction of having the most major league home runs of any player born in South Dakota (70).

Stop laughing.

But, I still don't like him. This disliking stems from when I was 11 years old and he tried to stop my future (and now Alma mater) high school, Lincoln Patriots, from winning the state basketball tournament.

Well, not that any of you probably care about South Dakota high school hoops, but my Pats just went 25-0 and won their first state championship since we beat Ellis' Rapid City Stephens team in 1995. So the Sioux Falls newspaper, the Argus Leader, had this story reminiscing about Lincoln's 1995 championship. This interaction between former Lincoln great, Cliff Toole (what a name), and Ellis makes me laugh.

As it turned out, the pumped-up Pats closed the deal quickly in the finals
against Rapid City Stevens, which knocked off Roosevelt in the semifinals on a
late shot by current Oakland A's standout Mark Ellis...

...At one point, Toole reached up and
swatted an Ellis attempt into the crowd, telling reporters later: "I gave him a
'Shawn Kemp.' Then I stared at him and he said something dumb."

Reminded of those comments this week, Toole shook his head.
"I don't even know what a
'Shawn Kemp' is anymore," he said.

Yeah, Mark Ellis! Yo ass gots "a Shawn Kemp" and den yu did ah "say something dumb"?

-Extreme sheep herding is as cool as you thought it would be

-Sports are fun. Weird sports are really fun.

-Last night I went to the grocery store to buy some pistachio nuts. I was just really craving pistachio nuts. I bought a couple of other things, but the bag of pistachio nuts was the real reason for the half hour expedition to the grocery store. When I got home, however, I discovered that I had accidentally purchased a bag of "glutinous rice coated peanuts." Daddy not happy. What the F are glutinous rice coated peanuts? And more importantly,why do they look the exact same as pistachios?

They do look like pistachios, right?

-We really shouldn't think this is funny.

-And finally..giant sea worms!!!!


jammyman said...

wow. what a cornucopia of delights, soup.

"Obviously we're reluctant to feed it on any more of our living coral so we are currently looking at alternatives. Some references suggest it may also feed on seaweed so we'll try it on that in the short term," added Matt.

Umm, how 'bout you just NOT FEED IT.

TwinsWin83 said...

Common Soup, what are there, like 5 class AA schools in all of SD. Get a bye, win a post season game and your state champs.

I know Im exagerating a little bit here but thats one thing thats bugged me since moving to the Dakotas, there are only a handful of "big" schools in the entire state and it only takes a couple wins to win it all in that class.

In High School baseball in MN we had to win a section made up of 16 teams just to get to the state tournament. Half of the big school class makes the state tournament in every sport in SD. HALF. Meaning basketball teams 10 games under .500 get in.

Too many classes for too small of a state in SD.

soup said...

Yeah, winning the state tourny in SD is the same as making it to state in MN. But the 25-0 is still kind of impressive.

You gotta feed the worm, Jam. You gotta feed the worm

haasertime said...

say what you will about the tenants of national socialism, but Fidel Castro has a great baseball mind.

How is the World Baseball Classic being received in SoKorea, Soup?

jammyman said...

montana sports is the same way...i wrote about it on my personal blog:

soup said...

It was definitely much cooler watching the WBC in a country that actually cared about the WBC. Kids watched the championship game in their schools today.

So, people were kind of sad today. But it was pretty cool to wake up and watch the WBC games. I would open my window and listen to my neighbors celebrate. Every Time Korea would score a run I would hear cheers and clapping.