Friday, March 27, 2009

Okay, seriously, you guys. My fantasy team is literally redonkulous

You guys want to talk about my fantasy baseball team? Of course you do! I can't think of anything more fun than talking about my fantasy baseball team. No joke, it's seriously awesome. I literally love it. I want to marry it and have like a thousand bagillion babies with it :P

I picked fourth. So my first pick was David Wright. Duh. Um, let's see 33 HR, .302 BA, and 15 SB last year. Yeah right. Like I'm going to pass that up.

I am literally good in every offensive category. I got home runs up the ying yang. My only not totally awesome player is AJ Pierzynski (I just threw up in my mouth a little. JK, you guys). And I only have AJ because it was in the last round. And I read on the internet that you are not supposed to draft a catcher early. If you drafted a catcher early you probs haven't been to as many fantasy baseball websites I have. And you are going to get pwnd.

My pitching? Best. Pitching. Of. Any. Fantasy. Baseball. Team. Ever. In. The. History. Of. The. Planet. Um, hello? I got Kevin Slowey in the 15th round!!! So, yeah. It's awesome to like the infiity power. I also got Joey Devine in like round 16. I was all like, "Hi Future. Meet Joey Devine." I said this because Joey Devine is the future of baseball relief pitchers.

Wasn't this fun talking about my fantasy baseball team? I can't wait to read the comment section to hear what you guys have to say about my team. Feel free to leave your email address so I can send you updates about my team.


haasertime said...

Who is Joey Devine? You really helped me with the Eddie Volquez pickup last year, I need some good tips for this season too.

Anyone see the basketball pool? I'm the only one with all final 4 teams intact! Late surge, we'reee commmmmin.

bizmarkie507 said...

Stupid Memphis plays hands down their worst game of the season last night and probably single-handedly ruined my bracket. The town of Memphis is a shithole, so is their team. I will never again put any stock in these losers...AHHH!

And I noticed on baseball tonight that they had season stat projections for all the players. I was like, are you serious? I hate ESPN enough as it is,why are they trying to make me hate their station even more?

bizmarkie507 said...

oh and haas I thought of something last night for next years march madness. Its so boring the way it is now because you usually just pick all the best teams to be in the final four, and other people who pick mostly upsets always lose. Next year lets do the exact opposite. Lets try to make the bracket that has the most picks wrong the winner as opposed to the most correct picks. I think it would be totally original and fun.

Holmer said...

Or Haas could stop filling out his bracket as if it's the Women's bracket.
A.J., last pick? Nice pick-up.
With whom are you playing? Who else makes your team so good?

soup said...

I'm hoping you all realized that this was my attempt to mock people that talk about their fantasy team all the time.

but since you indulged me...

Joey Devine is like a young K Rod. He'll be Oakland's close soon, if not at the beginning of the season. And since my league is a keeper league with holds as one of the pitching categories, he's a good get in the 16th round. Holds by the way, are a completely ridiculous stat in real baseball, but make fantasy baseball a lot more interesting.

I got Carlos Delgado late. He generally is getting drafted later than he should.

I got Javier Vasquez. I'm expecting big things from him this year. Moving from a hitter friendly park in the AL to a pitcher friendly park in the NL will be beneficial for him.

Ahh, I can't help myself! I'm turning into the idiot that I just mocked. Sorry.

Holmer, Schlepp and Eason are probably the only guys you know. Eason, as you might assume, is terrible at fantasy baseball. He was suspended for the 2008 fantasy baseball season because he was such an idiot.

Anybody want to start an AH! league?

I'm in first place, by the way, in bracket challenge. My Big 12 bias is paying off so far.

brex said...

Talking about your team is the only fun part of playing fantasy sports... but only with people in your league. Cross league analysis just doesn't work.

Gophs really let me down, my possible points are really suffering.

I like waters's idea. Although it would probably be over after two rounds because the worst teams hardly ever make it to the sweet 16.

I also have AJ... got him to back up mauer power... looks like he's the starter now

tfrezac2002 said...

Holds are no more ridiculous than saves. At least a lot of guys that get holds, once in a while, get more than 3 outs in a game.

jammyman said...

I also have AJ, got him to back up Mauer.

Anonymous said...

i'd be down for fantasy baseball soup. somebody should set up a league at espn or yahoo.


bizmarkie507 said...

brex, i think having a pool where, whoever picks the most upsets correctly, regardless of what round it is would win. That way theres no need to pick a 16 seed over a 1 seed, because thats just ridiculous.

brex said...

But that's different from what you said before wuters. You said most incorrect picks wins, not most upsets. Picking an upset is picking the correct team, which is just like normal.

bizmarkie507 said...

oh yeah sorry picking most upsets would be better.