Wednesday, March 18, 2009

White Sox fans: dignified cognoscenti

Well what have we here?

Some White Sox fan took the time to sit down, paint this masterpiece, and put it on the internet for all to see. God bless 'em. Give yourself a second to take it all in. Let the sobering darkness of the artist's soul wash over you. The theme of the inevitability of death dominates your senses, while the Bartolo Colon narrative percolates below the surface. And it has skullllllls!!!!!!!

The three teams that are being crushed by the White Sox Lord of Death are, of course, their biggest rivals. Their biggest rivals are the San Francisco Giants, the Chicago Cubs, and the Texas Rangers. I'm going to join a street gang and have this piece of art painted on the hood my hooptie. Frank Thomas is big!

1 comment:

bizmarkie507 said...

Giants, really? Do they even play each other this year?

But as embarrassing as that is, I'm sure one of our Minnesota Rubes has done something of equal embarrassment. Let's try not to do any searching though.