Friday, March 13, 2009

Breaking News: Gardenhire says nothing new with Mauer's back

Twins' manager, Ron Gardenhire, recently held an online chat with some Twins fans to talk about Joe Mauer's health and other Twins issues. Here is the transcript:

Gardy: First I'd like to say that things are going great right now. The guys are in good shape and are progressing along like they should. I don't have any new information on Joe (Mauer) but when I do, we'll let you know. With that, I'll open it up for questions.

Twinksfan7: Gardy, do you have any new information on Mauer?

Gardy: ...Uh, like I said, no. I don't. We're are waiting for the results from some additional tests.

Paul57: What if Joe is not ready to go?

Gardy: Well, what we do in baseball is have players that back up our starters. So in this case, if Joe is not able to play then Mike Redmond, his back up, will play in his place. When Redmond can't go it will probably be Morales.

Paul57: So, Ramos then? I watched him in spring training and he's the best.

Gardy: No. It will be Redmond. He's the back up catcher.

puntopowa: Okay, I get that. But what if Joe is injured and can't play?

Gardy: Again, Redmond will start

Paul57: But Redmond is the back up catcher, so that doesn't really make sense. Does it?

Gardy: Okay. Remember back when you were in grade school. If your teacher got pregnant she would take time off to have the baby. Then you would have a substitute teacher in her place until your regular teacher comes back.

puntopowa: But what if your teacher is a man?

Gardy: Well know what, let's just move on.

FallOffTable: How is Joe doing right now?

Gardy: You mean since three minutes ago?

FallOffTable: Yeah

Gardy: The same. He's doing the same. Nothing has changed over the three minutes.

FaribaultKid: Michael Cuddyer has played third base in the past. Why don't we move him to third and then sign Barry Bonds to play in the outfield?

Gardy: No.

carl33: Why don't we trade Phil Humber, Brendan Harris, Delmon Young, and Jason Pridie for Hanley Ramirez?

Gardy: Yeah, it doesn't work like that.

gogogadget: Hi Gardy this is Tom. I sent Go Go a fan letter the other day, and I haven't heard back from him. Did he say anything to you about me?

Gardy: No.

JoeF7: Sorry, I'm getting on here late. Is there anything new with Joe?

*Gardy has just signed off*


jammyman said...

Faribaultkid is such a d-bag. How do I know? He's from Faribault.

coolio1234 said...

has anyone heard anything new on mauer?

haasertime said...

I actually agree with carl33, Hanley Ramirez would be a solid addition to the team. As long as we don't have to face the netherlands!

Holmer said...

Sounds like either Morales or Ramos will catch the majority of the pitches thrown while Joe is out. Leaving only those day games, and pinch hits for those 38yr old legs that Redmond walks/squats around on.