Friday, March 20, 2009

Spellchecking Twins Names

If the Twins had names that were agreeable to spellcheck, here's what they'd look like. There are some pretty good nicknames in this bunch!

Alexi Camilla - Recently married a British monarch.

Nick Pinto - If you hit his rear end, he'll burst into flames.

Joe Crude - Sounds like a bad guy on an 80's video game.

Kevin Slowly - Actually, he can throw 94 miles an hour.

Francisco Larine - lar·ine (lar′in, -─źn′) adjective

1. designating or of a suborder (Lari) of seabirds, including gulls, skuas, and skimmers
2. of or like a gull

He doesn't look very seagullish to me.

Book Bonder - He can't be any worse at bonding books together than he is pitching.

Demon Young - "Hey what are you doing tonight?" "I think I'm gonna go up to Rosedale and check out that new horror flick, Demon Young!"

Denature Span - de·na·ture - to change the nature or natural qualities of. Span totally denatured C.C. Sabbatical into a terrible pitcher.

Michael Cruddier - There are cruddy ballplayers, there are cruddier ballplayers, and there are the cruddiest ballplayers. Michael is cruddier.

Pat Neck - The neck. Good nickname for a sidearm reliever. It's also the signal Gardy uses to bring him from the bullpen.

Matt Gorier - And you thought the game was gory before they brought him in.


jammyman said...

well done haas. loved every second of some Twins all-stars:

Harmon Killable...thats debatable.
Tony Olive...too easy.
Brad Raked...raked in opening day starts and opponent HR's.
Ron Cooler...than you.

soup said...

After a hard day's work I like to "Michael Rest-a-bit."

Karleeee said...

Karlee approved.