Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Twins thoughts from the weekend

The Friday game was only on the radio. I listened to it drifting in and out of a nap, so I don't have a lot to offer that the box score wouldn't tell you.

-I do know that Wilson Ramos gun runners like what. He gunned down two runners and John Gordon sounded quite impressed by his arm.

-The latest player to be dubbed our "Third baseman of the future, " Danny Velencia, went 2-2.

-The "Pride of Belle Fourche" (No, Jason Kubel. Why would you assume four-time PRCA world champion bareback rider, Marvin Garrett?) hit a dinger.

I watched Saturday's game at 3AM on Sunday after a night of mild consumption. At the time I thought it would be a good idea to take notes on the game. Yeah, they're mostly indecipherable.

-The Yankees broadcast was okay, but there were a couple of things:

  • On Nick Punto playing for Italy in the WBC - "If you've ever eaten at Olive Garden, you're on the Italian team." You live in New York and you're making fun of Italian Americans? Good idea. You better double the security on your race horse.
  • On the Metrodome being loud - " You left there and your ears were ringing for days. Literally for days. That’s not hyperbole" No, that's exactly what hyperbole is. If your ears are literally ringing for days you should go to the hospital.
  • Yankee’s trivia question: "Justin Morneau was the 2006 AL MVP. Which player came in 2nd?" Tough one. I assume Derek Jeter is the answer to every Yankee trivia question.

- Kubel, Buscher, and Young continue to rake. I've ranted on the Young/Cuddyer thing before, but I can't help myself. Through seven meaningless at bats a piece, Young has six hits (one double) and Cuddyer has one. Now, most people say that this is too small of a sample size to draw any conclusions. Not me. I only needed seven AB's to conclude that Young should be the starting right fielder, and the idea of trading him is ridiculous.

Last year, Young was 22 years for almost the entire season. He hit .290/.336/.405. What was Cuddyer doing when he was 22 years old? He hit .222/.300/.333 in 18 Major League AB's. To date, at 23, Young has 106 extra base hits. At the same age, Cuddyer had 13.

Cuddyer has said that he is more motivated than ever this year. And he might not be as vocal about it, but I think Young is too. Apparently Young worked hard this off-season and is in great shape. This is probably the first time the 23 year old has ever had to really prove he deserves a starting job. So, here's hoping Young plays a little inspired. Here's hoping both these players get a little cold-blooded over this competition and bring out the best in each other.

-Other "notes" I took:

  • "Oh, great. Jeter hit a sacrifice fly. Somewhere Joe Buck is standing and starting a slow-clap."
  • "Nice 4-6-3. Suck it Nick Swisher. Stop smiling. You look like an eight year old that just heard the word "penis."
  • "Gomez hit's into a double play? Yeah, right. Totally safe." In 702 MLB AB's he's grounded in seven double plays. Just sayin.

Yeah, I'm not going to do Sunday's game. This got long enough.


Holmer said...

I've eaten at Fazoli's, and I can belly-flop into firstbase, I think, oh wait, team Italy is calling...

I'll never understand the perma-boner the coaches have for Cuddyer. If he starts on opening day, I may throw my cap in disgust. So he had a couple 'good' seasons, that means nothing these days. What have you done for me lately, he's had too many chances, too many injuries, and it's time to say good-bye to at least the starting line-up. If not the organization. Let's see how good these young guys can be. good point Soup.

Yesterday Jim Souhan (Star Tribune) updated us on the status of infielder Matt Tolbert. The article explained how Matt's most likely going to suit up in his far too familiar Red Wings jersey. His big-show hopes are fading, and quickly. As if condeming Tolbert to the minors wasn't enough, Souhan goes on to compare Matt to Gomer Pyle, Forrest Gump, and the ever-loveable weird Lew Ford. OUCH!

tfrezac2002 said...

I agree whole heatedly that Young is the the future. He is like Joe Mauer, fans keep expecting him to hit dingers, but it just wont happen and I'm okay with it. His glove needs some work though.

Cuddy-bear's contract has been ranked as one the worst in the game today; along the motor city kitties ponying up the dough for Dontrelle Willis and the Seafarers signing the checks for Carlos Silva.

tfrezac2002 said...

Oh, BTW. If you want to read up on the other bad contracts that Tim Dierkes compiled go here: http://www.springtraining09.com/features/the-44-worst-contracts-in-base.php

TwinsWin83 said...

I watched the Young Baseball Family special on MLB Network last night and I have to say that I have new found respect for not only Delmon but also for his brother Demitri. Good stuff if you get a chance to check it out, even though it only takes you up to the middle of the 07' season.

haasertime said...

i thin cuddy would have been traded this offseason if he could have stayed healthy. His trade value just happened to be very low. Things will shake out eventually.

joe buck <3's derek jeter.

soup said...

Is the mlb network on basic cable? If so, that's awesome.

Does it cover why Demitri has the nickname "meat hook"?

jammyman said...

Good notes soup...miss you, btw.

I'm glad that you all agree with soup on the Cuddyer front. Delmo is hung money. He may run really, really funny, but dude can swing and he's only going to get better. The same cannot be said for Cuddyer (29 yrs. old) unless he starts hanging out with Yuri Sucart.

I like Delmon in left, Gomez in center, and Span in right...soul patrol '09. I mean yeah, Cuddy needs to get some ABs and some days in right, giving guys breaks, so thats great. Span can play anywhere, so that works.

Glad to be a part of this deal guys. Any sighting on the crazy lady who is obsessed with weird Lou? She used to sit above the baggy. Crazy.