Friday, July 17, 2009

What the hell did we do in the off-season?!?!

The All-Star Break is dumb. Just a few more hours until Twins baseball resumes. Hang in there, people.

Until then, here's some stuff

- If you ever wondered how many degrees of separation there are between Paul Molitor and Kevin Bacon, the answer is four (or fewer, maybe):

Molitor was in the made-for-TV movie sensation Falling For You with Jennie Garth. He really poured himself into his dynamic character "Jogging Cop." His devotion paid off. He was both believable as jogging and as a cop. Anyway, Garth was in The Last Cowboy with Lance Henriksen who was in Scream 3 with Neve Campbell who was in Wild Things with Bacon.

Wait, made-for-TV movies don't count in the Bacon-degrees-of-separation game? They should.

- Did you know President Obama was at the All-Star Game!?!? You would think that such a die hard White Sox fan would know that it's Comiskey Park not "Cominskey Field."

- I find all old-timey baseball fascinating. Ty Cobb is no exception. He certainly belongs on any list of the most dangerous men in sports. This 1930 radio interview is great. First, I love how Southerners in the 1930s talked. There's a lot of good stuff in the interview, but my favorite part is when he talks about his off season work out (4:24).

To summarize Cobb's off-season workout: eat two meals a day and walk a lot with heavy shoes.

You guys hear Mauer and Zach Greinke exchange pleasantries after Greinke's inning? It was something like:
M: Nice job
G: That's 2-0.
M: I know. We did the futures game. You threw good.
G: You should do it for the Royals.
M: Ha, well it's better catching you than trying to hit off you.
See, Mauer's a nice guy. I would have told Greinke "Piss up a rope. The Royals suck."
- Some robots are good (Roomba). Some robots are military robots that could feed on dead bodies (Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot).
- In even more startling robot news, now Monkeys can CONTROL ROBOTS WITH THEIR MINDS!!! This is a slippery slope, my friends. Sure they start out by "reach(ing) out to grab, and turn a handle." Next: poop throwing robots.
- Heh. This guy got charged $23 quadrillion for a pack of cigarettes.
- Hey, you guys want to kill some doves? Of course, you do. And who doesn't? Well friend, you're in luck. You can go to Argentina and shoot as many Eared Doves as your heart desires. Is there anything more American than spelling "USA" with the dead carcases of another country's doves?
Didn't think so. Happy Friday everyone.


haasertime said...

spelling out "USA" with just about anything is awesome, but it's especially awesome if you just shot it.

bizmarkie507 said...

did we ever determine who is the better dancer between Kevin Bacon and Patrick Swayze?

My vote goes for Swayze

haasertime said...

hmm, I'm not sure. If only there was some sort of television show that had famous people competing in a dance contest.

haasertime said...

Here's the video of the day

James Brown, Michael Jackson and Prince. Prince being Prince and milking it - and this was before he was BIG big. Totally awesome.

jammyman said...

swayze would win but he could never do dancing with the stars in his health...damn.

soup don't get me started on robots.

soup said...

Prince is doing it right. Wail on guitar, take off shirt, do tricks with mic stand, break prop street light, and exit stage.

Well as they say, Jam, Dancing in the best medicine. Wait, is that right?