Thursday, July 30, 2009

No trade = No problem

Some people are bummed that the Twins are staying relatively quiet for the MLB Trade Deadline, but here's why I'm not. For one, this team has too many glaring needs which involve 2 middle infielders, starting pitching help, and another arm in the bullpen. But the main reason why I don't care about coughing up valuable prospects to rent a player is because we do not have an Ace in our rotation. We have 5 large question marks. The age old saying is that pitching wins championships. Then I got to wondering when the last time, if ever, a team has won a world series that did not have a true number one starting pitcher. Here's what I gathered thanks to

Below is a list of world series championship teams and their respective ace/s:

2008 - Phillies - Cole Hamels
2007 - Red Sox - Josh Beckett
2006 - Cardinals - Chris Carpenter
2005 - White Sox - Mark Buehrle
2004 - Red Sox - Curt Schilling/Beckett
2003 - Marlins - Josh Beckett
2002 - Angels - Jarrod Washburn
2001 - Diamondbacks - Schilling/Randy Johnson
1998-2000 - Yankees - Roger Clemens/Andy Pettite/etc.
1997 - Marlins - Kevin Brown
1996 - Yankees - David Cone/Andy Pettite
1995 - Braves - Greg Maddox/Tom Glavine
1994 - Would've been Expos - Pedro Martinez
1992-93 - Blue Jays - Juan Guzman/David Cone
1991 - Twins - Jack Morris
1990 - Reds - Jose Rijo
1989 - A's - Bob Welch/Dave Stewart
1988 - Dodgers - Orel Hershiser
1987 - Twins - Frank Viola
1986 - Mets - Doc Gooden
1985 - Royals - Bret Saberhagen
1984 - Tigers - Dan Petry/Jack Morris
1983 - Orioles - Mike Boddicker
1982 - Cardinals - Joaquin Andujar
1981 - Dodgers - Fernando Valenzuela
(edit)1980 - Phillies - Steve Carlton.

(edit)So it has been at least 30 years since a team has won a world series without an Ace in it's rotation. Simply put, this looks really bad for the Twins' 2009 world championship hopes. Yes we are right in the middle of a playoff chase, we have two of the best hitters in baseball and arguably the best closer, and I know anything is possible, but history doesn't lie.

I still believe Liriano, Baker, Slowey, and possibly even Blackburn have the potential to be Ace-level pitchers some day, but it just isn't happening this season. Why give up a good prospect or two for a possible rental player that won't help you win a world series? If the Twins would have acquired a Sanchez or a Cabrera, then the talent we would have given up would be lighting it up for the Pirates/A's/whoever in a couple years, and everyone would be calling for Bill Smith's head for making the trade in the first place.

Now, before we get all gloomy, I have (for a couple years now) predicted that 2010 will be the year of the Twins. We have stud pitching in the minors who should be on next season's roster in:

Rob Delaney (bullpen help)
Jeffrey Manship (rotation help, could easily become ace material)
Anthony Slama (bullpen help)

Not to mention the possibility of Duensing or Swarzak solidifying the back end of the rotation.

Danny Valencia (3B in AAA Rochester) was rumored to be what the A's were asking for in the Orlando Cabrera trade scenario. As much as I like Crede, he simply isn't coming back next season, and a Brian Buscher/Brendan Harris platoon at third base is not the answer.

Everything should be falling into place for 2010, except that middle infield dilemma. (I cry a little inside when I watch Jason Bartlett get base hits, but meh)

This team's gonna pull in an extra 20 million dollars in payroll from the Target Field revenue. In 2007 this team's payroll was at $71.4 million. To begin the season, and haas correct me if I'm wrong, was 58.2 million. I know Joe's extension is going to put a nice dent in the wallet, but acquiring somebody of any value in the offseason is very doable.

here is a list of possible free agent middle infielders next year

I know people want to win now, especially considering the Twins are in a playoff race, but they just don't have the pieces necessary to win, and giving up 5 times what you got in the Santana trade to get Roy Halladay would be illogical. 2010 ladies and gents.

Oh and if there are available, affordable middle infielders on the market and this organization doesn't pull the trigger, then well, the Pohlad's are gonna have some explaining to do.


brex said...

I hear ya barkin

Anonymous said...

The Phillies won the 1980 World Series (not the Reds) and their ace was Steve Carlton, so it has been longer than 29 years.

Daymonster said...

haha, the reds didn't even play in the 80 world series.

Also, did anyone see this article today?

bizmarkie507 said...

Oh geez, I completely screwed that up. I always get the reds and phillies mixed up. So yeah, has a team ever won a world series without an ace? my brain hurts from researching.

Nice link Daymonster, now I don't feel so bad about losing Ortiz. I love knowing that the Red Sox's championships are tainted.

haasertime said...

i hear ya barkin. Good post. I just spent the last 5 minutes looking up the ERA's from a bunch of those pitchers, in an effort to prove that they weren't aces during the regular season. But they were. So you're right.

Everything comes back to Mauer.

1. He might not want to sign here as much if he doesn't think management is committed to winning - trading for a player would help that cause.

2. If Mauer does sign, that $20 mil per year of additional TargetField revenue will go straight into Mauer's pocket, leaving nothing for potential free agents.

I'm pissed at YouTube. I just realized they stripped the audio from all my awesome Twins videos. I made one to the tune of "new sensation" by INXS, just after the arrival of Carlos Gomez, that was all about how great the Twins would be in 2010. Pretty accurate, in retrospect. Although I omitted Denard.

2010 montage

haasertime said...

also, this from TwinsGeek:

"So looking at 2010, you have a Royals team that is an offensive (both meanings) mess. The Tigers are getting older and can't likely sustain that stratospheric payroll. And now the Indians look like they won't really be trying. That leaves the White Sox, who have done a great job of rebuilding while staying competitive, and the Twins, who are clutching their prospects like a dog on a bone."