Thursday, July 23, 2009

Angels Stream of consciousness

The Twins are in Anaheim tonight, ready to take on the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in Angels Stadium of Anaheim.

- The Angels enter the series with a record of 55-38, in the surprisingly strong AL West. The Twins come off a wacky series in Oakland, in which they gave up 32 runs in three games to a terrible A's offense.

- Twins third baseman Joe Crede and pitcher Glen Perkins are in the L.A. area as well, visiting the doctor. It's certainly good news that the shoulder specialist is on the west coast!

- I have hardcore bloggers block. All I can think about is that stupid Slumberland commercial where they replace saxophone players half-way through. I'm going crazy. I feel like Tim Taylor when he's trying to explain something that he knows nothing about and starts making irrational metaphors.

- Welcome back, Jesse Crain. Calling him up is going to be a great boost for this team. This is just like making a big trade.

-It only costs $400 to rent the Metrodome for one hour. That's only a little more than $22 bucks per person, provided there are 18 people.

- It's nice to see the artwork and sculptures coming right along for Target Field. Harmon Killebrew and Rod Carew put on their old uniforms to pose for The Most Narcissistic Artist Ever. From his website:

Sculptor Bill Mack has no mentors. There is nowhere to go to learn his sculpture techniques. No one teaches his sculpture technique. Sculptor Bill Mack works in such a rare art form that coming up with a name to describe it has been only slightly less arduous than creating the art itself. Bill Mack sculpture simply put is emotional elegance defined in sculpture.


bizmarkie507 said...

next person to get married's bachelor party will include a 2 hour dome rental so we can play a nice 6 or 7 inning game.

brex said...

Isn't the RCLLB championship series held at the dome? If not it should be.

Daymonster said...

bill mack seems like he might be a jerk.

jammyman said...

bill mack=huge tool