Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Perkins Says Arm Feels Good Following Solid Outing

Gardenhire unhappy with Perkins again

Twins starter Glen Perkins is once again drawing the ire of his manager after admitting his arm has felt fine lately. The revelation comes after the lefty pitched seven quality innings against the division rival White Sox. It's especially annoying to Gardenhire, who criticized Perkins publicly for complaining about a shoulder injury after a poor outing last week in Oakland.

"To pitch a good game, and then come out and say, 'well, you know, my arm feels pretty good.' It's just not how you do things. A pitcher should be honest with his staff, especially when it comes to his health. We had to let him know that."

Following Perkins rough start at Oakland, and subsequent admission of aggravation, he was sent to renowned should specialist Dr. Lewis Yocum. After a series of tests, Dr. Yocum told the club there was nothing wrong with Perkins.

Now the Twins plan to send Perkins back to L.A., to see if the specialist can pinpoint the cause of Perkins' health and comfort. Still, Gardenhire won't be happy with Perkins until he keeps his mouth shut.

"I don't want to hear Glen Perkins talk anymore. You pitch a good game and say your shoulder feels good? We'll send him to Los Angeles after every start, as long as he shuts up and pitches."

Twins announce Target Field Countdown Dignitaries

Dan Gladden was chosen to ceremoniously remove a large number "3" in left field Monday night, officially marking 32 games left at the Metrodome. The number 32, of course, was Dan Gladden's uniform number during his five years in Minnesota. The following former players will have the honors for the remainder of the season:

31 - Chad Allen (Greg Gagne was unavailable)
30 - Brian Buchanan
29 - Rod Carew
28 - Bert Blyleven
27 - Charley "Shooter" Walters
26 - Al Newman
25 - Randy Bush (Doug Mientkiewicz was unavailable)
24 - Tom Brunansky (Matthew LeCroy was unavailable)
23 - Willie Banks
22 - Brad Radke
21 - Mike Trombley
20 - Lew Ford
19 - Scott Erickson
18 - Don Baylor
17 - Les Straker
16 - Frank Viola
15 - Tim Laudner
14 - Kent Hrbek (beer in hand)
13 - Mike Pagliarulo
12 - Brian Harper
11 - Chuck Knoblach (Tom Kelly escort required for journey into left field stands)
10 - T.K.
9 - Gene Larkin
8 - Gary Gaetti
7 - Greg Gagne (Denny Hocking rumored)
6 - Tony Oliva
5 - Pedro Munoz, with Roy Smalley
4 - Chip Hale (Paul Molitor too cool)
3 - Harmon Killebrew
2 - Pat Meares
1 - Alex Cole
0 - Junior Ortiz (unconfirmed)

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