Wednesday, August 20, 2008

You know what really makes my gears run smoothly?

A bullpen that can hold on to games. Like this one.

Getting out of bed to that breakfast smell.

A traffic free, wind in my hair drive home from work.

Fernando Tatis

In car garage door opener.

When Morneau tilts his head and stares while watching a ball sail over the baggie, (as if he's thinking, "Wow, I should do that more often").

Sliced bread.

The way my napkin is folded at PHU KING Buffet.

Going on frequent cabin get-aways.

Running in to old friends.

When Haas LOLs. Ah hahaha.

When Larry Johnson thought it would be a good idea to morph into "Grandmama".

Larry Bird highlight videos.

and... as much as I don't like to talk about it yet/ever, when Adrian Peterson busts through three to four guys and dashes off for a sixty to eighty yard highlight reel worthy TD.


soup said...

Ha. Good list, Holmer.

It's good to see that Chewy is a member of the southpaw tribe.

In car garage door opener? What, they don't have those in Dundas?

When Grandmama was on Family Matters, it was two major forces in my childhood coming together for a life changing half hour.

TwinsWin83 said...

I think they recently just got indoor plumbing in Dundas Soup.

I too enjoy haas' LOL. Expecially when its directed at someone elses expense.

Homer wearing OJ Simpson black leather murder gloves for batting gloves at the plate is something that makes my gears run smoothly.

Holmer said...

Sorry. I goofed on the link to Larry Bird. If you get a chance, go to this