Saturday, August 9, 2008

Beijing: Day 1 in review.

Hello folks, its finally here, my favorite time of every 2 years. The Olympics its Tony Rezac here coming to you live from beijing.

No, I'm not actually in China right now, but with all the coverage if kinda feels like it. Despite the fact the opening ceremonies were aired on NBC just last night, the games actually started 2 days ago with the U.S. soccer boys taking care of the Japanese 1-0. The first 1-0 win for the American men since the Paris games way back in the '20s. Way to go fellas. But, back to the matters of the here and now, which actually happened yesterday. Today saw a complete domination of Sabre Fencing by the American women, winning all 3 medals. Those dirty Russkies almost stole the bronze from us. The first to 15 score was tied 14-14 when 18 year old Oregon native Becca Ward slipped her sabre down the back of the European champion Sofia Velikaya.
In the pool, Micheal Phelps coasted to an Olympic record in his first action of the 2008 games. The pride and joy of Baltimore MD easily bested the field in the prelims of the 400 meter individual relay. The finals will be aired live tonight, the first of his record to be 8 golds? As an American all I can say is, yes. World record holder Brandon Hanson on the other hand has had a terrible first day, just barely eeking into the semi finals in the 100 meter breaststroke. Hopefully he'll fair better in the later rounds. On the womens side of the pool the 4x100 meter freestyle relay team won a very tight heat, outlasting those dirty Dutch by a mere .08 of a second. Wow, good job gals.
In the sand the number 1 seed American beach volley ball team was upset by the last seeded Latvians. This was one time I was ok with the U.S. losing to some nobody country. The joy on those crazy Lats face is what the Olympics are all about.
When this article went to press 23 medals had been awarded, one of each color for the U.S.A. 2 of the golds to China, a gold and silver to the South Koreans. Other notables: Spain, Romania and the Czech Republic with one gold a piece.
I'm hoping to write up a summery everyday of these games. I, alas am only one man in many on AH and I also know most of the field here doens't give a rip about the games. I will post the medal count everyday though. In your face Haas.


tfrezac2002 said...

On a side note, I am watching Boxing at the moment and Teddy Atlas makes it almost unwatchable. There must be someone better to commentate right? At least we still have Bob Costas.

soup said...

yes! I for one will look forward to your updates.

Anonymous said...

Well, Tony, at least you finally got your Bob Costas! Little worried there in the beginning! Wikipedia says: "Costas' appearance has, at times, been compared to actor Mark Hamill" ha.

bizmarkie507 said...

We only have 3 channels at the house. Thank god one of them is NBC.

The mens relay swimming thing last night was incredibly awesome. I actually jumped out of my chair when lezac won. And I really dont care about swimming whatsoever. The olympics are awesome.

bizmarkie507 said...

oh yeah and chris collinsworth was commentating on swimming. He even admittedd on camera that he knows almost nothing about swimming. Why is he there?

bizmarkie507 said...

hey tony I have the day off NBC is now airing soap operas for christ sake. can I come over and watch olympic coverage on the NBC affliates?

tfrezac2002 said...

Absolutely Bizmarkie507. I'll be here. I'm watching Tennis right now.