Friday, August 15, 2008

medal count

After my rant yesterday I'll get back to my job. Keeping you all up to date on what country is best on earth. And, after a scary couple of days where the Chinese held the lead America, after 10 medals yesterday, is back on top.

USA 14 gold 13 silver 19 bronze 46 total
China 26 gold 9 silver 6 bronze 41 total
Australia 5 gold 7 silver 8 bronze 20 total

Notables: Germany 14, Great Britain 8, The Marshall Islands 0


brex said...

TFR, beach volleyball watching party tonight?

tfrezac2002 said...

Yes, where?

haasertime said...

here are my two cents on the olympics, probably the last time i'll comment on them:

1. did you know that in extra innings in olympic baseball, a team starts an inning with two runners on base, no outs, and they can start anywhere in the batting order. crazy! I just read that today after the americans lost to the cubans in 11 innings.

2. Swimming. I don't understand why they have diff'rent strokes. Why don't they just do the fastest all the time? In track, they run the style that is the fastest all the time. They never skip or high-knee or run backwards or anything. Tyson Gay could win 8 golds in one olympics if they had all different types of running too.

3. How solid is are the gold medals? It must be some kindve alloy?

bizmarkie507 said...

Haas do you hate the olympics because it overshadows baseball for 2 weeks?

tfrezac2002 said...

Yes, he does.

TwinsWin83 said...

Whats up with russia? arent they usualy one of the top 2 or 3 countries?

More then I hate the Olympics overshadowning baseball for 2 weeks is preseason nfl football overshadowing baseball in august.

WTF is NFL Live on before Baseball Tonight, and why is there 20 mintues of coverage on Aaron Rogers first preseason start on SportsCenter before I can get my baseball highlights?

bizmarkie507 said...

oh my god that Jamaican sprinter is unbelievable.