Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Medal count update

Everyone can breath a sigh of relief, the United States overcame the host Chinese to take a lead in the overall medal count. The Chinese, still hold almost a 2 to 1 edge in Gold medals, but it was an impressive day for the Americans winning 10 medals to pull ahead.

As it stands now
USA 7 gold 7 silver 8 bronze 22 total
China 13 gold 3 silver 4 bronze 20 total
S. Korea 5 gold 6 silver 1 bronze 12 total
Australia 3 gold 2 silver 5 bronze 10 total

I haven't had time today to write up a full review, wrestling started this morning so I have done nothing but watch that. I'll write one up tonight and give you the rundown of last nights action with the mens gymnastics squad shocking the world and hopefully the women putting together a better performance tonight than in the qualifying round.


bizmarkie507 said...

Any idea how China is in the track and field department? If they aren't that good US could really cash in.

TwinsWin83 said...

After looking at the medal count totals for the last couple summer olympics it would appear that the US has gone from dominating to drifting a bit more back to the crowd over the last two summer games.

How much will home field play an advantage for China in these games? The US has won the last four overall medal counts in summer games but the Gold medal count lead China has seems pretty glaring, and one might think that is the most meaningful count of all.

The one thing that I remember blaringly from the last olympics (in this case the winter games of 2006) is the difference in American coverage of the games and Canadian coverage of the same events. Because of where I was living at the time (in central North Dakota) the cable setup there picked up the Canadian Brodcating Channel which covered the games intensly from a Canadian view point.

The reason I remember this so clearly is because reguardless of how their Canadian ahtletes did they supported them with nothing but possitive analysis and feedback. This was in stark contrast to how the American networks covered the US athletes. It seemed as if they almost waited for them to fail because it made for a better story (case in point- Bode Miller the skier who failed to medal like he was suppose too).

The reason I bring this up is because I wonder if we as a country are too harsh on our athletes and expect too much because of previous success? Im not saying anything either way but it is an interesting question and one I wondered about a bit after watching the winter games 2 years ago.

bizmarkie507 said...


Daymonster said...

haha TW, we aren't even a third of the way through the games yet.

In 84 US dominated the games (they were in LA) and in 88 the US got beat bad by USSR and E. Germany and in 92 the US lost again to the Former USSR and in 96 we Dominated (in Atl) so we don't always dominate, I think the home field advantage helps a lot and I could see China taking the gold and total medal count but I don't think it's an alarming down turn by any means.

TwinsWin83 said...

So u dont think that the coverage, scrutiny and expectaions for most of our big athletes is a bit rediculous? If Phelps doesnt win 8 gold medals in these games it will undoubtably be the biggest story, meaning if he isnt the best in the world in 8 differnt events he is going to be questioned by our media relentlessly as to why he failed.

And I know it is still early in the games but my question was as to whether or not the rest of you thought (after looking at the medal totals for the last 4 summer games) other countries were closing in on the USA's level of success and domination.

Just trying to start some discussions.

bizmarkie507 said...

The Chinese Coach was quoted that if his Gymnastics team didn't win the gold medal, that he would jump off the tallest building in Beijing. And I believe him. Our media scrutiny could be alot worse.

TwinsWin83 said...

why is the camera angle behind the pitcher back to the old angle for tonights game? Its really throwin me off. I was starting to like the new high angle.