Thursday, August 7, 2008

soup's guest-writer series: part two

For the second installment on expressing different views on the Twins season, we have Private Fitzwilliam Bingley from the 87th Division of the Union Army. Take it away sir.

Playoffs and the Team

Making the playoffs aught not to seem so outlandish a proposition for the Twins of Minnesota.

All is well amongst the perceived to be rebuilding, yet contending, Twins. Thee rotation of pitching has returned to it's former fearsome repute. A left-handed fish, to rival the fabled Leviathan, has swum back into the Major League waters.One, Mr. Liriano, has been added to our staff. A staff, that had previously been only filled with novice reservations, has proven stoic in the poisonous quagmire of the divisional opponents' battery. To date, our beloved team has handled our divisional rivals aplomb. At a record of 34-20, the Central teams hath been hardly formidable foes.

Offensively speaking, there has been an unexpected surplus of equally unexpected timely hits that thus have proven to be greatly prudent to our winning ways. Mr. Span, in time, was moved to the lead off position. This move, however, was far too delayed for the impatient clamoring of dire fans. Naturally, the skipper Gradenhire was blamed for his stubbornness. In thee Gardenhire stubbornness, however, we do trust. I neglect the notion that a man accustomed to not be hasty in his notion to embrace inevitable changes be called a Luddite. Another choice might be simply to describe him as slow in his processes.

The obvious, however, merits utterance. The Twins are mighty green to the playoffs and yet have manifested themselves unexpectedly relevant to the playoff colloquial. Despite the perceived increase in offense, power hitting remains pertinent to efficacious aspects of victory. A thousand times I wish for Delmon Young and a healthy Michael Cuddyer to reach their potential for power from the plate side for thee of right handedness. Despite our most relevant efforts, the hardball enemies remain nigh defeated..

But I've done rambled too much.

Hello, then is goodbye, in this sliver of time. If only I could force my quill to refrain from such profligate descriptors, I could find time to dispense much more baseball relevant information.

Yours now and always,

Private Fitzwillaim Bingley, Company F,
87th Minnesota Division


Daymonster said...

Big ups to Span last night for essentially single handedly winning the game.

Holmer said...

The potential of Cuddyer and Young...and Gomez for that matter. When they will reach said potential is anyone's guess. Cuddyer has been there for a few months, he will most likely not find his old self til next season.

Young is just young, he'll improve with time.

I don't know if we'll hang on to Carlos long enough to see his best days, but he will be good, someday.

Kubel has not disappointed as of late, and I think he has earned a steady spot in the line-up for now.

Thank ye private for that splended rendition of a recap.

tfrezac2002 said...

How is it private you so much to for correspondence on the eve of battle? Isn't, even now, General Lee and his band of rebels redying themselves for an invasion of Gettysburg?

haasertime said...

In the Garenhire stubborness, indeed, we do trust.

I plead to you private, let this not be your last correspondence with we, your comrades.

soup said...

I will pass the messages along to the good private. Last I heard he came down with a fierce case of dysentary...and an opium addiction. So, we'll see.

In completely unrelated news...

My friend, former roomate, former U of M gymnast, and possible super hero Mark is a finalist for this show called Ninja Warrior. Well, it's huge in Japan and the US sends a couple of guys over there to compete. The show is on something called G4. Anyway if you want to help him on to the show in Japan, here's the link

ninja warrior

You have to sign up to vote, but if you don't want to, his view is worth watching.

soup said...

*I mean his video is at least worth watching

Daymonster said...

Holy fuckin shit. I love Ninja Warrior and I love Parkour. And your friend is a really really good at that shit.

I voted for him, and I think that is worthy of it's own post.