Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Beijing: day 4

The last few days have sure been exciting for fans of the Americans, just two days ago the US team trailed the Chinese in the medal count. Today/tonight has seen the Americans rocket ahead of the host nation. China continues its dominance in the Gold category, but that should change next week when the track and field events start.

Day 4 was a banner day for the US gents gymnastics squad, half way through the night they held the lead on a very strong Chinese team, and with neither of the Hamm brothers no less. on the 4th rotation though, the home team was paired with one of their most dominant events, the Vault. By no fault of their own the American boys had lost their grip on the lead. When it was all said and done Japan also bypassed the local boys, but a bronze medal is a huge accomplishment for a team that only 2 years ago had such a bad season that they were in danger of not fielding a team in these Olympics.
In the pool Micheal Phelps continued his quest for immortality, tying the record with his 9th career Gold medal. In the same race fellow American Peter Vanderkaay earned a bronze medal. On the womens side, Rebeccah Soni, earned a silver medal in an event she wasn't even supposed to swim. The winner of the event in the trials, tested positive for a banned substance so Soni earned the spot by default. In the 100 backstroke the US team earned more two medals with Natalie Coughlin edging Australian rival Kristy Coventry, and Margeret Holzer finishing just behind them. Aperently Gina Miles can ride horses, the Creston, CA rode McKinlaugh all the way to a silver medal in the indivual jumping section of the equestrian. The men didn't fare as well as the women in individual sabre fencing, Americas best hope, Keeth Smart fell in the quarterfinals to a cheese eating surrender monkey frenchman. Walton Eller destroyed the field in mens doublt trap shooting, winning by a score of 1759 to 1368. I have no idea what that means because the guy who finished in 4th had 1764, but bully for him. And guy in 4th, better luck in London. The first day of wrestling only feilded one American and he was promptly eliminated, but it doesn't mean there wasn't great matched to watch. The finals pitted the dirty Russians vs used to be dirty Russians with both golds going to Russia and both silvers going to Azerbajian. And for some reason they award 2 bronze medals at each weight. Why not have those cats wrestle to see who wins?

I planned on reviewing day 5 as well, but only a few results are in right now. The women get silver in gymnastics. Micheal Phelps became the ultimate Olympic champion winning 2 Golds tonight, bringing his total to 10 the most in history. In his second final in less than an hour he and the rest of the 4x200 meter butterfly relay put on the most impressive start to finish athletic performance I have ever had the privelage to witness.

Medal count as of right now
USA 10 gold 8 silver 9 bronze 27 total
China 14 gold 3 silver 5 bronze 22 total
S. Korea 5 gold 6 silver 1 bronze 12 total
Australia 4 gold 2 silver 6 bronze 12 total
Notables Russia: 10 medals, Azerbajian 3 medals.


tfrezac2002 said...

Sorry typo, Phelps' total is now 11, he earned his 10th and 11th Gold tonight. Huzzah for MP!

bizmarkie507 said...

Too bad the girl on the USA gymnastics team completely choked. that could've made up some more ground on the gold chase.

Daymonster said...

Phelps is responsible for like 45% of the gold medals so far.

soup said...

I watched USA vs. Korea in baseball at a bar in Daegu, Korea. I stormed out of the bar like a baby. I'm still mad about it.

Daymonster said...

That would suck.

TwinsWin83 said...

dude your in korea?

soup said...

yeah I moved here to teach english for a year.

Anonymous said...

Coventry's from Zimbabwe, not Australia.