Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Soup's Guest-Writing Series Part 1

To get a different perspective on the Twins this season, I have asked a few different people to write their thoughts on our club. First up is my 7 year old nephew, Aaron.

The Twins are good, but sometimes I like the Red Sox, though.

The Twins have Justin Morneau and Joe Mauer. They are friends. Justin is better because he hits Homers all the time. I can hit homers too, but not as far. One time I did, though. You can ask Tyler. He saw it. It went waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over the fence, my homer.

Livan is gone. That's good cuz he is sucky. Dad says, "He was the biggest waste of money since your mom's gym membership." But I'm not supposed to tell Mom that.

Liriano is back and he is awesome. He throws so fast! Dad likes it when he "breaks sliders off in their butts." When mom's not around, sometimes he doesn't say "butts," though.

I think we can catch the White Sox. They are sooooooo dumb and stupid. Their whole team is like old. They're all probably going to get hurt or get arthritis like grandpa, but they might not, though. They suck at batting average. And their pitchers have been super lucky cuz really they are all crappy.

Our pitching is freaking awesome. They never ever do walks. We have good batters too. Cuddyer will come back. He's good. We should have four outfielders like my softball team, Scott's Lumber. We were really good. We almost won the championship, but the ump wrecked it. He was so fat and stupid. We still got a huge trophy and a pizza party at Godfathers, though.

Besides Justin, our infield isn't very good, but they try really hard. Sometimes they're good, though. Nick Punto is my favorite player, but Dad told me he wasn't my favorite player.

Most of our team is really fast like my friend Ryan. They can run the bases fast and play good defense, like Gomez. I called him Go-Go, but Dad said to stop cuz it's "unoriginal and overdone, it's like the Soja Boy of nicknames." Ryan won the Presidential Fitness award in Gym. His parents are divorced, though.

We didn't make any trades, Dad said we made, "addition by subtraction." So that's good.

In conclusion, The Twins will win it because Justin and Joe are friends, we are fast, play defense, can do batting average, and try really hard. The White Sox will lose because they're sucky and like 100 years old and will all get hurt, but they might not though.


Jim H. said...

Hey, Aaron, that was great! I think you're right about the Sox falling apart (they night not, though). And I hope your are named for Hank Aaron, not that other Aaron who hates Nick Punto.

Daymonster said...

From the White Sox Mail bag:

Why do the White Sox get such a lack of respect? I mean, they have been consistent for the past four or five years.
-- Nick, Rock Island, Ill.

Here are my thoughts on respect and the White Sox, a topic addressed numerous times previously in the mailbag.

If you are a fan of the team, simply worry about its accomplishments to date and the chance to add to that impressive showing. Don't worry about praise for the Twins and their improbable rise to the top of the division. Don't worry about comparisons to the Cubs or the fact that a number of their fans didn't revel in the organization's 2005 title.

In the long run, that respect will come. It did in 2005, by the truckload. And in Chicago, at least, I believe the White Sox have received the plaudits they deserve for this great turnaround from a rough 2007 -- a season that breaks your theory of consistency, Nick.

In the last 6 years:
Twins 534-437 (.549) 4 Div Championships

White Sox 511-461 (.525) 1 Div Champ 1 WS

Who has been more consistent? I want the Twins to win the WS not even so much for the Twins winning, but just so the White Sox can stop saying '2005' over and over again.

Daymonster said...

I really didn't do a good job of showing what i said and what Merkin the White Sox beat reporter said.

Anything below "In the last 6 years:" is mine any thing above is Merkins.

TwinsWin83 said...

Thing is, id still take the White Sox line over the Twins line for the past 6 years, for one reason and one reason only...1 WS Championship.

As much as I love the Twinkies a boat load of AL Central titles arent going to mean much if it doesnt eventualy carry over into postseason success.

Although, with the young team they have this year and all the preseason predictions of celler-dwelling that were made I would settle for any kind of postseason experience this season for this squad, as I believe it could prepare them for a serious run in the near-future. And when it comes to the playoffs, once your in anything can happen (see Cardinals, i.e. St. Louis in your handbooks).

Sorry I missed all the hoopla over the past week, we've moved to Soups promise land of South Dakota and without internet or cable installed yet Ive spent the past five evenings huddled in the corner with my wind up radio trying to get whatever station I can to listen to the Twins. Its all very 1920s.

As for all of daymosters stuff I say this, theres nothing better then an article that fires up the comment section and gets people talking, whether its debating or arguing or even under total agreement with one another. Isnt that what blogs are for? To get people talking? And Ive known Daymonster for a long time and stiring the pot is just what he does from time to time. (Im sure if I thought about it I could remember more then one occasion where we've gotten into some good arguements).

Hugs and Handpounds people.

TwinsWin83 said...

By the way> did I not win the Lariano pool? Cause if Im not mistaken I hit the nail on the head with my Aug. 1st prediction. Awesome. What do I get like a free box of No Name Steaks or something?

soup said...

welcome back. How is central Sodak. Are you pining for the Sioux Empire Mall yet?

P.S. Hopefully everyone realizes that I don't really have a 7 year old nephew named Aaron. So feel free to rip this post without hurting the feelings of any 7 year old children.

Daymonster said...

You can only win the Liriano pool if you spell Liriano correctly.

TwinsWin83 said...

Then I forfeit.

Daymonster said...

Page 2

Nothing we haven't heard before but pretty entertaining to read the comments from people being upset.

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