Saturday, August 2, 2008

The End of an Era

Title might be a little over dramatic. But on this hungover Saturday morning it's how I feel.

I first want to apologize to the people that associate themselves with Alright Hamilton! From the frequent to the occasional writers, none of you had anything to do with my mini-rant the other day. Even Haas felt he needed to do damage control (scroll to the bottom). That let me know I have become a burden on the good people at AH! I needed to move on.

The worst part about it? I was somewhat wrong, well mostly wrong. Not for putting different blogs in different categories. You are kidding yourself if you don't see a pretty distinct difference between the two. Not guys vs girls women. But just the two different kinds of blogs. Granted there is some overlap but don't think it's that outrageous to see the difference, not disparity, but a diference (And to those of you that are not paying attention, AH! is in the second group).

Where I was wrong, was that I took out my frustration with one blog out on a lot of really good ones. (Sincere and deep apologies to Lipgloss, OMG and Twin Sisters.) Clearly I have an issue with the Those Girls. If you don't get the link, read this (an actual link, I swear).

Here are a couple things I learned from Those Girls.

She is an excellent debater. I know this for two reasons. A) she said it herself B) she disabled comments section on her post.

She links to Bat-Girl even though the blog was defunct about 7 months before they started theirs. This increases their reputation or "rep" as the kids say, with the twins blogosphere.

Call me bitter if you want. It's true. I just got pissed when I tried to make (what I thought to be) some poignant comment(s) on another Twins blogs to then be met with some (again, what I thought to be) snotty responses from "Those Girls."

And with that I will take my ball and go home.


Katie said...

I'd like to just point out that this little tantrum of yours came about because I hurt your feelings with a pair of quotation marks. If your ego is seriously THAT fragile, I'd seek help with that. There are some really excellent "Increasing Your Self-Esteem" courses out there.

I apparently missed all of those "poignant" comments you've left on our blog. A year-old "Boof is fat" joke, a defense of fish tacos, and the above mentioned pissiness about quotation marks. That's all I got.

I'll assume this post serves as a misguided "Thank You" for giving you something to write about when you're too lazy to think of something original yourself. TWICE, now.

You're Welcome.

As I stated in the post, if you want a debate about this, you're free to email me. We'll take the gloves off. It'll be fun, I promise.

Daymonster said...


Sorry, I assumed a comment about Boofs weight was poignant on a post about Twins bromances. Did I bring down the intelligence level on the conversation? Also, Boof's weight jokes are not a year old, but that's neither here nor there.

My whole issue with your blog was when ever I commented, no matter what I said, you came back with some snotty remark. I wanted to write a post about it, and I pissed off a lot of people. It has nothing to do with ego, as neither of us use or real names.

As far as giving me something because I was too lazy to write something. What is that even supposed to mean, I had just written a review of the White Sox series and a preview of the Indians series.

Which is funny you mention that, since your post from yesterday was something I posted a while ago (not saying to copied me, because I obviously wasn't the first to post it either) Were you just too lazy?

Also, I go [correction: used to go] weeks without posting I'm not constantly searching for material. If something strikes me I wrote about it. But I appreciate you think that I would rather talk about this than the exciting race the Twins find themselves in right now as well as Liriano being called up.

Either way, you win, I am done on AH! As far as emailing you goes, I'd rather keep everyone out in the open. I don't trust flamingo jones.

bizmarkie507 said...

Alright Hamilton has always been the least credible blog in the Twins blogosphere since it was founded over a year ago.

Don't quit Daymont your photoshopping skills are wonderful.

soup said...

First, let me say I am a big fan of controversy and have been entertained by what has ensued.

I don't think there is reason to retire from AH!. As Biz said, we need you. You are best with the techmologies.

I think most people that you offended realize that it's just your opinion and not that of AH!'s. I get your point, but I do feel you probably made a too big of deal out of it. But, that's fine. No, big whoop. I don't expect a boycott of AH! to start amongst the Twin's blogosphere. If there is, oh well. It's not like we're getting paid for this.

Let's just have this fire extinguished by Monday. But if it continues until then, I'll grab some popcorn and enjoy.

k-bro said...

Unless you have other reasons too, I don't think you should quit. You said some things, you pissed some people off; so what? Everyone will get over it.

And I admit that I do enjoy reading the other stuff you write -- especially the Cleveland series prediction (good work on that, by the way). This is a fun time in the Twins season. It would be a shame to miss it.


k-bro said...

Wait. Did I say Cleveland? I meant to say Chicago. There goes all my credibility.


Daymonster said...

haha, I was confused. I mean I did pick the first game right but I thought it was a bit early for the congratulatory comments on the Cleveland series.

Daymonster said...

Since I can't post anymore (I revoked my own privileges) I'll leave this little story in the comments.

I was at the Cubs Pirates game yesterday in the bleachers. It was hot, everyone was drunk, and this was still BP.

I don't remember which Pirate was taking BP but either way, we are all watching the balls go into the stands and scrambling for them. This one dude, however was not paying attention. He turns his head at the last second and gets nailed right in the forehead by a screaming line drive.

Cubs security brings him an ice pack, but the funniest part was. It was batting helmet give away day. So a bunch of people game this dude their batting helmets. It was pretty funny.

Tricia said...

Daymonster...I'm with k-bro. I don't think you should quit either. We'll all survive. Sometimes it's fun to stir up a little controversy. Just don't ever come to our blog to say "Nick Punto sucks." My sister will delete that so fast your head will spin! :-)

I just saw that comment on my old post. If you still want to draw a t-shirt design, that would be excellent. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I don't think you should quit either! I love your posts and I definitely agree with you that every comment Katie has made (especially this first one) is very snotty. Once again, everyone needs to realize that we all have our own opinions!! Please DON'T QUIT!!

tfrezac2002 said...

Daymonster, don't quit. We started this blog as a group of friends. If all of our "fans" want to boycott it, then that is fine with me. We will still have the same 10 dudes that started it. I don't contribute to make friends, I do it for the friends that are already on here.

smaki said...

Okay, I'm a few days behind and trying to catch up to all of this. I've been lurking for a while; I enjoy this blog because it feels like a bunch of friends going back and forth, and a bunch of guys (yes, I said it, so sue me) you would want to have a beer with. Which is very cool but also makes me feel somewhat like a peeping Tom - hence my delay on weighing in.

So, for what it's worth (which ain't much), Daymonster, I thought you made some very good points in your original post. I found it neither insulting nor condescendging. It is, after all, one person's opinion.

You know how Republicans and Democrats staunchly defend their candidate no matter how imbecilic he/she may be? Even when it's obvious that their candidate needs to step aside for the good of all? Yeah, that's the difference I see between the two groups of baseball blogs (just to spell it out, "stats" blogs use pure numbers to make their argument, refusing to admit that there are intangibles you can't stick into a spread sheet; "players" blogs feel the intangibles outweigh raw numbers and should be the only thing considered. Disclaimer: this is my observation and opinion only). And the average fan is probably somewhere in the middle -- right about where AH! exists.

So, please don't quit because somebody got their feelings hurt. Your blog is about opinions and friendship, and at the end of the day, I'm pretty sure you've still got them both. Besides, I would miss your posts when I return to lurking.

And --- I'm a girl, and that it so not a dirty word. For pity's sake, call me a girl before you call me a guy!