Friday, October 16, 2009

The Vikings Need A Stadium.....Or Not.

Recently, you may have read things about a certain NFL team that wants a new stadium. Hey, why not? The University of Minnesota football team received public funding to build a new on-campus stadium. The Minnesota Twins were helped by a new Hennepin County sales tax to build their new baseball yard. They have new stadiums, and no one even likes them. This is a Vikings town. The People want a new stadium. They demand a new stadium. That's why the NFL and the purple set up a grassroots organization for them.

The Anatomy of a Grassroots Organization


The term implies that the creation of the movement and the group supporting it is natural and spontaneous, highlighting the differences between this and a movement that is orchestrated by traditional power structures.

What could possibly be more natural and spontaneous than an NFL team creating a website with fake fans expressing their individual opinions on a new stadium?

We have well-thought opinions with a clear understanding of issues!

Four Reasons the Vikings Need This, According to the Grassroots Coalition

1) The Vikings use agreement (lease) expires after the 2011 season, meaning the team has just 30 games remaining in the Metrodome. By resolving the issue in 2009, the stadium will be ready to open in 2012.

You hear that? It expires! The clock is ticking! Owner Zygi Wilf pledged never to move the team, but he never said his cronies couldn't hang the possibility over your head as a bargaining chip/unfair ultimatum.

Yes, there is a stadium built already that works perfectly fine for football, but the LEASE is EXPIRING. The Metrodome is in high demand, and they've already rented it out to the Shriners circus from 2011 to 2015. We just can't EXTEND the LEASE! That would be totally crazy.

2) The Vikings stadium project will provide thousands of jobs and boost economic activity in a time when both are needed. With the Gophers and Twins stadiums set to open in the next year, 5,300 construction workers will be looking for their next job. This project will employ 8,000 construction workers, provide good paying jobs with benefits and involve many sectors throughout the building trades.

That's your number two reason the Vikings NEED a new stadium? To give construction workers a job? I suppose after the project is finished, we'll just ask the state for another $600 million for another huge building that's only used ten times per year. Screw the infrastructure projects that can be of use to Minnesota taxpayers, they need to build gigantic private things!

3) The Metrodome has become obsolete and no longer provides fans with the experience they deserve or expect. The state needs a reconstructed stadium to give Minnesota its only major climate-controlled, multi-purpose facility capable of hosting events year-round.

Okay, what do you think of your Metrodome experience, deserving fan?

Definitely need a new stadium, definitely. The problem with the dome is, I mean the problem is, they end alcohol sales after the third quarter. They don't have no right to do that. It leaves us high and dry for the fourth quarter, and that's the most important quarter! PUUURRRPPLE!!!!

4) The project is ready to be started this summer. Design work is near completion and the Vikings ownership’s financial commitment is secure.

We need a new stadium because it's ready to be built. Makes perfect sense to me!


Anonymous said...

NEED! THEY NEED IT! I mean, what will happen to our beloved Purple if they are forced to play in the loudest, most weather friendly, most organizational/state money saving option, and most home-field advantaged venue in all of football? At MOA field, they are usually the front runners to win the division, are currently undefeated, and have sold out many seasons in a row. Other than the obvious reasons Haasertime has stated, I don't see any purpose, or well concieved notion of the necessity of such a money wasting venture.

Daymonster said...

Couldn't we have made the same argument for the twins?

haasertime said...

The dome for the vikes:

good venue for football, team never loses money.

The dome for the Twins:

Horrible, terrible for baseball, hinders payroll.

For some reason, the stadium is much more important for viewing baseball than it is for football.

Daymonster said...

I agree, I was just saying "most weather friendly, most organizational/state money saving option, and most home-field advantaged venue in all of [baseball]?" sounded like a pro metrodome baseball argument as well.

Anonymous said...

Sure, but its no baseball stadium. We're just the most acquainted with the unbaseball stadium.

haasertime said...

yeah, leave it to holm to agree with me while simultaneously changing the argument.

Anonymous said...

Just adding to the argument.