Monday, October 26, 2009

New Twins Uniforms - The Cream and the Clear

Although the Minnesota Twins won't reveal their new uniforms until November 16th, Alright Hamilton has the unofficial designs TODAY. An anonymous source with knowledge of the design process has described the new duds for us. Here are our interpretations of the descriptions.

The cream colored alternate

The regular home colored uniform will not undergo extreme changes, except for an updated Twins script. However, they will introduce this cream colored alternate. Cream is so hot right now. The Giants and Padres perfected it, and the Mets are also reportedly adopting the style. The script, of course, was used from 1961 to 1971. It's not clear if this design will be worn one specific day per week, or if it will be a choice for each games starting pitcher.

The Road Gray - Pinstripe free

Using an obscure script from the 60's, the Twins have really spruced up their away uniform. We're still not sure if they'll be keeping their 'M' caps.

The Twins will also need to find room for a number of patches:

So there you have it. Hank Thoreau once explained, "things do not change; we change." And that's especially untrue in this context.

From talking with a few people, some think this makes more sense as a possibility.

Note: The away cap will feature the TC logo and a red bill.


Daymonster said...

Where did you find the new patch? I could have added it to the designs.

haasertime said...

found it late last night on a pocket schedule. I dunno, they might go with the screams of passion patch instead.

TwinsWin83 said...

I would dig both of those jerseys if that really is the case next year.

I would rather see the home alts in white and pin stripes with the old style lettering.

soup said...

"The Twins will also need to find room for a number of patches:"

So, let's hope nobody important dies. We just don't have the room.

zooropean said...

Supposedly these are close to what the Twins are changing to, but not quite. At that is what is being discussed on the forum.

Daymonster said...

The creme alt seems to be pretty accurate, and I would buy that jersey in a second if it's real.

The second is hard, I think thats the script but I am guessing it will be modified. (maybe the stars will be gone off the stripe or where the i is?) Also, I could see it being blue, or with a blue outline.