Sunday, October 11, 2009

Goodbye Metrodome, Hello Jail Time

I am sure almost all of you either saw or attended the game last night. It was bittersweet, it was a great season, and I was glad to have been at the last game (I couldn't have gone to the game today if the Twins would have won) but some terrible mistakes really made you wonder why the Twins have a reputation for playing baseball the "right way".The highlight of the night for many was the super drunk fan that dropped about 15 feet onto the field near the Yankee's dugout. The dumbass was wearing a Rod Carew jersey and carrying a MGD plastic bottle when he dropped down. He dropped the beer but quickly grabbed the bottle before too much had spilled. He took a swig and than ran towards the mound and towards Rivera. He veered away as A-Rod began to run towards the mound to protect the Yankee closer. As the drunk fan ran past the mound he threw down the beer and flipped off Rivera.

The drunk fan then proceeded to run out towards center field. One security guard fell trying to catch him and the drunk fan eventually made it to the center field fence.

The dumbass valiantly tried to scale the soft wall but he gets tackled before he can get all the way over.

I put the dude's chances of escaping around 25% if he gets all the way over. I don't know too much about the Metrodome's corridors but I feel like he had a shot of getting out of the stadium if he gets a decent head start. There is no way those security guards are getting over the wall there in a timely manner.

While I think this guy was a total asshat, he did give me and 54,000 fans about 3 more minutes with the Metrodome and for that I thank you, super drunk fan with a twisted ankle, terrible headache and mounting legal fees.

UPDATE: I found a video! It's not the first part near Rivera but it's still pretty good.


soup said...


haasertime said...

awesomely hilarious when the security guard fell.

Given the circumstances, this is a pretty memorable fan-on-the-field moment.
But for pure enjoyment and drama, the 2 dudes on the field at the Red Sox game in 06 was unbelievable.

soup said...

It was actually a Blyleven jersey, which makes a lot more sense.

haasertime said...

here's the vid of the Red Sox game i was referring: