Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I have nothing original to add to the wealth of Twins coverage today. I'll just tell you that game 163 was the best game I've ever seen in person. It was a roller coaster of emotion. One moment the whole stadium could feel a loss creeping in, the next moment, a win seemed certain. And then there were times when I felt the game would go on forever. When Alexi Casilla finally drove in Carlos Gomez, the stadium had a mass emotional release, that went on for ten minutes. The fans went nuts, and Gomez probably went crazier than anyone else. After four hours of super intense baseball, it felt great to see Gomez and the dome erupt.

My friend Jeff in Oregon sent me a text message as the bottom of the 12th got underway, "dare I say best game ever?"

I replied, "regardless of the outcome, it's definitely the best I've ever seen live."

Here are some other texts that were thrown around during the game:

Katie: This is redic. I think my heart has stopped beating ten times

Andy in Hawaii: Take your shirt off and get it going in there! Kirby Puckett!

Phil: For some reason, I'm the only Twins fan in NYC, I think I'm going to get beat up

Jeff: Oh man I am having a heart attack

Anderson: The dome is leaking over here

Anita: omg

Andy: Seriously. There will never be another situation like this. Game 163. Potentially last game in stadium. Win 17 of last 21. Unreal.

Phil, just after the Orlando Cabrera home run: Holy shit we're going to win
Me: Don't jinx it

Karlee: ahhhh!!!!!

Jeff: you have to lay one down there
My reply: Agreed. Orlando just bailed them out

Tony: Get that Granderson foul ball?
Me: Had my fuckin hand on it, but it squirted away. Guy one seat over got it.

Andy in Hawaii: Is Favre DHing?

Phil, after the Miguel Cabrera homer: Damn, wish he would have got arrested

There isn't much time to celebrate. Brian Duensing will take on the Yankees today. Don't write 'em off just because they're in Yankee Stadium. Anything can happen with this ballclub.

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Mike said...

A Tigers fan here. Congrats to you guys, you made an unbelievable comeback this year, especially unbelievable without Morneau.

A tough way for us to lose after thinking we were playoff bound for so long, but the Twins definitely deserved the division more than the Tigers, who blew almost every opportunity they had down the stretch.

Best of luck against the Evil Empire.

haasertime said...

Thanks guy. We took a trip to Comerica a couple weeks ago, fantastic ballpark and nice folks.

Angels in 4
Twins in 5
Phillies in 3
Cardinals in 4

soup said...

Definitely going to tell my grandchildren about this one. And if I don't have grandchildren, I'm going to hang around elementary schools and yell at other peoples' grandchildren.

It'll suck when Yankees beat our cute little asses, but that's many hours from now. Right now it's all good. Kitten giggles and shadowless rainbows.

Daymonster said...

So let me tell you about how I found myself in row 20 of left field yesterday.

I woke up Tuesday morning, tired and a hungover. Went to David Cross Stand Up show and then a bar to watch the MNF game. Stayed out way to late celebrating a game that looking back, seems so crappy compared to last night.

Anyway, feeling like crap after 3 hours of sleep, and not looking forward to a full day of work, I also had to coach my soccer team that night. About 1/3 of my team told me they would be not at the soccer game because they would be going to the Twins game. I tried to act mad but I totally understood. Hell, I wanted to cancel the game and go to the dome.

But because it was unfair to the other players I have a policy where if you miss a game you have to sit out the first half. So not only am I missing a third of my players for the game that day but also for the first half of the game today.

About 5th hour the AD comes into the classroom and tells me that he thinks we should reschedule the game because the field would turn into a mud pit if we played and we have 2 more games this week. Before he could even finish his sentence I yell in agreement. He then asks if I want to practice instead. Of course I give the kids a day off, partly because it was so wet, partly because we would only have a few kids show up and partly because I want to watch the Twins game on TV.

So, after school I go to a friends house to watch the game. Thinking I will have a relatively relaxing night watching it on TV. When I get there, there is no power to the house. Something happened to the circuit breaker and we couldn't figure it out. We went to a hardware store and got some new fuses and stuff but still no luck.

After discussing what bar we should go watch it at, we had an epiphany. What if we went down to the dome and got some scalped tickets. We were worried that we would pay 25 dollars for parking, stand in the rain for an hour and ultimately get some fake tickets. But it was worth a shot.

We get down there find a few nice gentleman willing to give us tickets below face value... I'm just kidding. After pissing off a lot of scalpers with my map of the dome on my phone and a working knowledge of twins ticket prices, we get some lower level outfield tickets for 90 each. Not cheap but certainly better than the 150 he was demanding at first.

We take our tickets and take our seats. And the rest is history.

After typing it all up he doesn't seem that awesome, but it has to be one of the few times that a torrential downpour has actually helped someone see a baseball game. Pair that with the fact that the power went out at the perfect time and I have a friend that is impulsive as me, made for one of the greatest days in recent memory.

Daymonster said...

longest AH! comment ever?

soup said...

Daymonster: rube cred

$90 for a game at the dome seems ridiculous. But memories always find a way to seem more valuable than any monetary sum. You can always make more money. You can't go back in time and make memories.

brex said...

Well said Haas.

It's been said by many but I have to agree... that was the most exciting baseball game I've ever seen. My ears are still ringing. New York, New York here we come.

jammyman said...

My texts (among others):

Emily's brother in North Carolina: How happy are you man? That was a freaking great game.

One of my football players: you know everything Coach J, the twins came through just like you said.

tfrezac2002 said...

Angels in 4
Twins in 5
Phillies in 4
Cards in 3

Karin said...

Angels in 4
Twins in 5
Dodgers in 4
Phillies in 3

yeah yeah yeah mine don't count because I'm late. got it.

Thought I was literally going to throw up multiple times during that game. I was actually sore the next day from jumping up and down, had no voice, and definitely ringing ears for about 12 hours.
Going to Chicago this weekend, will have to thank the Sox. (Of course I'll be back for Sunday's game!)