Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Game 163 - All The Marbles

Well, not all the marbles. Just a few. And after getting the AL Central marbles, the winner would need to play two more American League teams, successively collecting marbles along the way. After winning half the marbles, they would play the N.L. marble holder in a double or nothing seven game Marble Series.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. The Twins will have to beat a rookie of the year candidate in Rick Porcello today at the dome. They'll counter with "ace" Scott Baker. Minnesota has been playing very well lately, winning their last four games while Detroit dropped their last three of four to force this play-off.

I feel much better about this tiebreaker game than game 163 of 2008. Last year the Twins lost two of three to the Royals, and then limped to Chicago only to get shut down by John Danks. This year, the Twins have the momentum and the home field advantage. But you never know how things will play out. Unless you're Mike Blowers.

Hopefully the home town nine gained some insight from all those fine Twins veterans on Sunday. It was fun seeing the legends of '87 and '91 mingle with the bright-eyed '09 crew. They should realize that their performance today could earn them an invite to some random Twins function in 30 years.

Today at 4pm, all our questions will be answered.

Who will pitch: Big Spot Scott or Moon Shot Scott?

Will the Tigers save the soul of a dying city, or will the Twins crush it in one swift blow?

Can gallons upon gallons and puke and bile, excreted from thousands of drunk football fans, be cleaned from the Metrodome in just 14 hours?

Can Delmon Young continue his transformation from slush-footed jackass to power hitting fan favorite?

Can Jim Leyland heap any more praise upon Ron Gardenhire and his Twins?

Will some idiot really wear a purple Brett Favre jersey to the game?

Will Miguel Cabrera be getting blasted drunk in Detroit or New York?

Who will lose their marbles?


soup said...

marble madness. screams of passion.

brex said...

Can someone find the screams of passion twins video and post a link? I need to watch it before I go to the game today.

Anonymous said...

I'm sitting here in the Highway 70 (McStop) Subway, and a mini-van with handicap Nebraska plates rolls up. Out pop six rambuncious 80+ yr olds, decked out in pinstrips, TC's, and M's. I continued to over hear a little of their story while ordering their $5 footlongs. They all hail from Omaha, and are seriously passionate about the Twins. One of them, just kept saying, "Oh, we're goin'! Oh we're goin'!" It was an encouraging scene to witness.