Thursday, October 1, 2009

Silly Metrodome Similies

The Twins will end their 27 year run at the Metrodome this weekend, leading many local and national media members to wax nostalgic about the teflon dump. They'll be compiling lists of memories and moments, writing about pros and cons of playing baseball there, and looking forward to Target Field. You'll see them referring to the dome as "functional," probably comparing it to a rec room.

We've decided to boil all these things down to the nuts and bolts by making silly comparisons between the dome and random stuff. After all, how can we reflect on our time in the dome without comparing it to an old couch?

The dome is like your girlfriend's cat, it's really scratchy but it you have to deal with it.

The dome is like your favorite brand of beer - it tastes great but no one else will even try it.

The dome is like Tim Pawlenty - full of hot air and totally out of work in 2012.

The dome is like your old couch - had some great fucking times but now it smells.

The dome is like Kevin Costner - really shitty but associated with baseball too often to ignore.

The dome is like Hootie and the Blowfish - totally passe but had a couple awesome moments

The dome is like the time John Kruk's crotch got hit with a baseball - sucks at the time, but it was ultimately life-saving.

The dome is like Utah - good place to sit on your ass and stay dry.

The dome is like England - Not sunny and the beer costs too much.

The dome is like a RonCo food dehydrator - stupid looking but surprisingly functional.

The dome is like Nick Punto - doesn't have much of a batter's eye.

The dome is like Sputnik - Spherical yet pointy in parts

The dome is like the DeLorean - Seemed like a good idea in 1982

The dome is like a box of chocolates - It's sticky.

The dome is like the Chartres Cathedral - Innovative in use of Gothic flying buttresses, but just not that great to watch a baseball game.

Let's see more in the comments.


Anonymous said...

The dome is like your cross-dressing uncle -- kind of embarassing, but, hey, family.


TwinsWin83 said...

the dome is like Zubaz, really outdated and unstylish, but you hate to throw them away, because common, youve had them since the 80s.'

jammyman said...

the dome is like the owatonna roller average of 70 degrees, and you can rollerblade around inside of it in the winter?