Thursday, October 8, 2009

Metrodome memories

I went to my first game at the dome when I was seven. As I sat in the home run porch I tried to comprehend how Kirby Puckett was standing right there in center field. It was actually him. I knew it was him. It looked like him. He was wearing Kirby Puckett's uniform. But I asked my dad for conformation that it was actually he, Kirby Puckett, standing there. He looked at me with an "of course" expression and said, "Yup."

But for a kid there was no "of course" about it. Being there and witnessing these players -- players I got to know through box scores, baseball cards, and TV screens -- was an amazing event.

That's what I liked best about the dome. My favorite baseball team and favorite players played there. We all got older and replaced our childhood wonderment with grumbles and complaints. We beg.....

What is...?????



Hellllllllllllooooooooo! It's me again! The Kinetico Water System's girl!!!!! Watch ya doin? Can I play too? I have lots of Metrodome memories. Games six and seven of the '91 World Series, Santana's 17 Ks, stealing the souls of the cleansed...I could go on forever. :P

Hey, I built a fort in an abandoned slaughter house. Wanna see it? It's awesome. We could play hide-and-seek, tell secrets, rub animal blood on our faces. It's gunna be so fun, you guys! :)

Nobody? NOBODY!?!?! Fine. I just thought one last time before I'm gone we could hang out. So I guess this is goodbye. But remember, You may not see my face in the 7th inning anymore, but I'll be there. I'm always there. Watching.

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haasertime said...

Kinetico is just running a convoluted scheme to unleash demons from Hell to run a massive diet pill pyramid scheme.