Monday, May 4, 2009

Whats the deal?

I have only been to 3 games so far this year and its been ugly, the team has been able to muster 10 run. But 7 of them came on Saturday in an 11 inning debacle. The two other losses were 2-12 to Toronto and 1-7 to Tampa. Three games is hardly an adequate sample size I know, but they have been so bad I want to be upset about it. They have looked more the '99 team that only won 63 games. Scott Baker was BAD in 2 of the three, but that doesn't explain why their bats went silent. But, fear not, I know the boys are better than this. I've seen it on the TV and heard it on the AM dial. But the 3 times I've witnessed the club in action, I have been sorely disappointed.

Maybe I'm just bad luck and bitter about it. But it probably has more to do with the fact that I saw Scott Baker pitch twice.

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bizmarkie507 said...

I do not envy anyone who went to the game yesterday, solely because everyone was on such an emotional high going into the seventh, and then bam. Really glad I missed it.