Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Coomer's Emotions Through Yesterday's Game

Bottom of First: Morneau 2 run homer to center.

Bottom of Second: Redmond lined into double play,
Crede out at second.

Bottom of Third: Mauer hits RBI single to center field.
Twins up 3-0.

Top of Fourth: Former Twin Adam Everett hits 2 run
RBI single. Twins lead down to 1.

Bottom of Fourth: Gomez hits Sacrifice Fly. Harris

Top of Fifth: Granderson steals second, advances to
third and scores on a Wild Pitch by Perkins.

Top of Sixth: Inge hits a two-run homer to left field.
Twins trail 5 to 4.

Bottom of Sixth: Span hits a two-RBI triple.
Tolbert hits sacrifice fly to score Span. Twins up 7-5.

Top of Seventh: Matt Guerrier comes in to relieve Ayala.
All hell breaks loose. Twins down 7 to 9.

Bottom of Eighth: Kubel pinch hits for Gomez.
Hits two-run home run to tie the game at 9 a piece.

Top of Ninth: Adam Everett hits in to double play
to end the inning.

Top of Eleventh: Cabrera hits in to double play.

Top of Twelfth: Inge hits in to double play.

Top of Thirteenth: Granderson scores on Jesse Crain's balk.

Bottom of Thirteenth: Matt Tolbert hits a line drive to left
center for a diving catch and Punto is doubled off at second.

No wait! Josh Anderson trapped it! Punto scores!
The game is tied!

Crede hits a walk-off grand slam in the Thirteenth to win
the game!

Ronald Bryan Coomer is happy!


tfrezac2002 said...

The Coom-Dawg is bad. But he is 10,000 times better than Telly Hughes. Remember him? Yeah, he was unwatchable.

Daymonster said...

Gah I hate blogger sometimes. I am sorry that those pictures are spaced so weirdly. Oh and that my entire post is stupid. Sorry for that too.

soup said...

Ha. Ron Coomer makes me giggle.

I used to work at KFAN the restuarant and Coomer and Smalley would do their pregame/postgame show from there sometimes. So lets just say I'm pretty tight with 'em.

My manager apparently thought Smalley's name was actually Royce Molly because he always called him Royce. I never corrected him and laughed in my head everytime.

TwinsWin83 said...

I have always maintained that Telly Hughes is the worst thing I have ever seen on live television.

Not even Michael Scott could make people around him feel more awkward then Telly does.

bizmarkie507 said...

how dare you Rezac. how dare any of you insult Coomer! Doesn't his constant smile, and good ole' boy body shaking chuckle warm you up every time you see it? Right after Crede hit the home run and they put the camera on Coomer, I was like, "Yes!"

Daymonster said...

I didn't get to see that. As soon as the game ends so does It's very frustrating. I wanted the coom-dog to break it down for me.

haasertime said...

even when coomer is mad, he's still very happy deep down. See, his frown has some "that's life" shrug shoulders and smirk.

Anonymous said...

Oh to be inside the great baseball mind of Coomer...
Watching the post game tutorials with Bert, Coomer, and occasionally "Royce" have improved my baseball IQ enormously. Like .001%. Just to see and hear Coomer make it seem like his pro days were a gift given to him by the make-a-wish foundation, giggling and jiggling off Bert's sarcasm toward the belly preventing him from giving any sort of real physical examples of fielding, swinging or even bunting keep me tuned in. Most of you might tune out these FSN how-to instructional sessions, I encourage you to watch them for comedic relief and Coomerisms.