Friday, May 8, 2009

Greater Than, Less Than, Equal to for Friday Nights Game

Justin Morneau > Chris Jakubauskas fastball

Brendan Harris Bat > Nick Punto Bat

Nick Punto glove > or = Brendan Harris Glove

Brendan Harris > Nick Punto

Russell Branyon < Paul Bunyon

Brian Buscher > Hanging curve ball

Mariners 3rd base coach Bruce Hines = Old West Mustache’s

Matt Tolbert > Alexi Casilla

Curve balls > Delmon Young

Bert Blyleven > Night Crawlers

Empty Blue Seats > Twins fans

Scott Baker < Ability to grow facial hair

Robby Incmikoski < Neck Ties

Joe Mauer = Opposite field second row home runs

Metrodome Field Turf < Ichiro

Carlos Gomez < Major League Pitchers

Carlos Gomez = Late-inning defensive replacements

Scott Baker > 0-5 record

Twins season outlook tonight > Twins season outlook last night


Daymonster said...

I get all of those jokes.

TwinsWin83 said...

Thats good cause sometimes you wonder if they read like they sound in your head as your typing them.

Also, you probably have to watch the Twins on FSNorth on a regular basis to understand a couple of them.

Anonymous said...

HA HA. So how often will lastnight's line-up be repeated? It is obviously > our regular line-up. Punto=late inning defensive replacement as well. (hopefully)


Daymonster said...

I'm at the mercy of for the commentators. Usually I get FSNorth but not always.

bizmarkie507 said...

Carlos Gomez has had 6 at bats in the last 8 games. Nobody in major league baseball has worse plate discipline than Gomez. We have 4.5 every day outfielders.

The above three factors = why in god's name is Carlos Gomez not in Rochester? Are the Twins attempting to make this guy into a bust?

Anonymous said...

Twins bullpen < good enough to win


TwinsWin83 said...

Michael Cuddyer > You

Heres a cool story about Michael Cuddyer and the Twins

jammyman said...

Michael Restovich > Carlos Gomez