Monday, May 11, 2009

Hey, did you know they played with pink bats yesterday!?!?!

Everyone loves Mother's Day. If you live near your mother it's a day where you get to go to brunch with the woman who birthed you, or if you don't live in the same zip code, you get to go and purchase a card and send it to her... um, tomorrow (sorry, Mom.)  But the real enjoyment of Mother's day is getting to watch major league ball players swing uncomfortably with pink bats that they have never used before and wear over sized wristbands that look simply ridiculous.

Don't get me wrong, I am all for spreading the awareness of breast cancer. And I am all for the pink bats and the wristbands... for the players. I just think it's absolutely ridiculous that the every umpire yesterday wore two matching pink wristbands.

It has nothing to do with the color, it's ridiculous that there are umpires wearing wristbands at all. And two of them? That's just ludicrous. Good thing first-base umpire James Hoye has those wristbands on otherwise the sweat in his eyes would have prevented him from seeing that ball.

It was fair. Nice call Jim.

I know what you are thinking? "How are the umps going to show their support for breast cancer awareness?" It's simple, pink shirts and hats for the umps. I think it would be cool, and it might just cut down on the arguments. Then again, maybe not.

What do you guys think? I could see people saying pink umpires would be a distraction, but I say if anything, this would definitely spread awareness and it's certainly no more visually offensive than the Padres or AJ Pierzynski.


Perry said...

It happens to every umpire who's worked more than two games in his or her career: the brain says one thing and the body says another thing entirely. This exact thing happened to me once when a ball that bounded down the left field line spun me around as my brain was commanding my arm to signal fair, and I too wound up pointing the wrong way. I stayed with the ball pretty far down the line and as I got close to the bullpen, a player sitting on the bench politely informed me, "That ball was fair."

"So was my arm when I was facing the other way," I explained.

It happens. Don't know why, but it does. Maybe because umpires are.... surprise! Human. And capable of making mistakes. Of course, a major league umpire's every move is dissected and watched in slow motion multiple times by millions of critics who could all do a better job than the intensively trained, highly experienced slob who's actually out there putting his name and reputation on the line with every decision he makes. How many of those millions will even notice, much less appreciate, every call umpire Hoye got RIGHT during that same game?

Perry said...

I must have had pink sweat in my eyes; I skipped what came between "Good thing..." and "...umpire James Hoy." You say he was the first base umpire; if so, then he is most definitely signaling fair, so what's the problem?

I'm also confused by another issue: the MLB box scores of Sunday, May 10 indicate that James Hoye had the plate, not first base, for the Braves @ Phillies Mothers' Day game. The box score lists Dale Scott as the first base umpire for that game. So who is the Pink-banded bandit in your photo?

soup said...

I too am all for spreading awareness of breast cancer, but mother's day seems like an odd day to do it. Obviously, I get the whole female connection between the two. But it's kind of like, "Happy Mother's Day!!...but don't get breast cancer :(" It's just hard to celebrate when you're thinking about cancer.

Gardy was wearing wristbands too. He also looked dumb.

Daymonster said...

Hi Perry,

I wasn't criticizing umpire's calls here, just their fashion choices. I am usually the one defending umpires except for when they are not willing to accept the corner umps opinions on check swings. That's just stupid.

So I was actually saying Jim got it right, I was just joking about his wristbands.

Also, I got my information on who was at first based on this picture.

So I am not sure which was wrong the caption on the picture or the box score. If the caption is wrong, I should apologize to Dale Scott for not giving him credit.

And finally, can I assume that you are the real Perry Lee Barber? First woman umpire to ump a major league game? Well if it is really you, it's truly an honor for you to comment on AH!

TwinsWin83 said...

Maybe its Steeeeeeve Perry.

AJ looks like one of the killer kids from Village of the Damned.

jammyman said...

Perry Mason? Matthew Perry? Katy Perry?

Daymonster said...

Tyler Perry? Gaylord Perry? Luke Perry? William "Refrigerator" Perry?

bizmarkie507 said...

Perry Pringle. Father of Glen, as well as my cub scout pack leader

soup said...

War of 1812 naval hero Oliver Hazard Perry?

Bill "Soup" Campbell?

Anonymous said...

ha, Biz I'm surprised you didn't become an Eagle Scout.

Daymonster said...

Matthew Calbraith Perry, his lesser known but still impressive older brother?