Friday, April 10, 2009

Twins Audio Cache

Part of the reason we started this website was to record all things TwinsFan for for the sake of posterity. With that in mind, I present the Twins audio cache. It's your one stop shop for Twins related audio that I've found floating around the internet in the past few years.

We're gonna win, Twins

This is the 80's update of the 60's classic. It's pretty disgusting, but holds a place in our hearts, just like the Metrodome.

We're gonna win, Twins, again.

Yet another 80's update. At least it's short.

We're gonna win, Twins 1987

This is the pennant race version of the song that Juan Berenguer listened to 60 times daily during the last three months of the season.

We're gonna win, Twins 1961

This is the original jazzy thing. To steal a sarcastic line from Jim Lileks, 'do we have it better now? Absolutly.'

Talkin' Baseball - Twins Version

Terry Cashman wrote Talkin' Baseball in 1981 after looking at a picture of Willie Mays, Mickey Mantle and Duke Snider. The tribute to 50's baseball was soon spun off into a bunch of team-specific versions. This was written in 1995. They seem to have skipped right over '87 and '91 and jumped right to, "Dave Hollins" and, "Aguilera is a starter."

KQRS version of TK's Talkin' Twins

I suppose it's meant to sound as if Tom Kelly is singing the song. It's not really funny and it features cheesy sound effects, but I applaud the effort.

Gordon's Puckett Call

Here's John Gordon's call of Kirby Puckett's game winning homer in the sixth game of the 1991 World Series. Apparently, this was the only time Gordo has ever said, "touch 'em all" twice during one home run.

My Baby Waves the Homer Hanky

1987 hit song based on a Tommy James classic.

Joe Mauers new walk-up song

How to write a song for Joe Mauer and gain street cred.

1. write some obvious lyrics
2. find a DJ who can put together some beats that sound EXACTLY like every other rap song that's popular these days.
3. ??????
4. Profit

Bat-girl random funnystuff

Torii Hunter is not trying to shove it up anyone's butts or anything.

El Presidente - Johan Santana - Hail to the Chief

We are the world - Johan Santana

Also see: Twins commercials, Twins Homer Hankies.


haasertime said...

I have the Circle Berts album laying around here somewhere, I'll upload their hit single, "Circle Me Bert" as soon as I find it.

Anyone have any other requests or submissions?

Anonymous said...

Man, I miss Bat-Girl. You guys at AH! are great, and the funny folks at Pulling a Blyleven are...funny. But, Bat-Girl is the only one I can recall who could write a post filled with obscenities and vulgarities -- after an especially bad Twins loss -- and still have people laughing. She only did it once, which is one reason it was so hilarious.

-- FrontRowSeats

tfrezac2002 said...

Why isn't the "Hormel row of fame" jingle on iTunes or Zune? I believe we devoted a whole post to this phenomenon back in the early days of AH. All I ask is that I can load it on my music player so when I'm at home watching the game at home I can play it about the 5th or 6th inning and imagine I am there.

3 best songs ever in the history of time:

Easy Lover by Phil Collins and Philip baily.

Hormel Row of Fame Jingle by ?

Convoy by C. W. McCall

Daymonster said...

do we have the original version of we are going to win twins?

sometimes when I am at a cubs game and they start singing "go cubs go" I sing "we're going to win twins" under my breath. I would sing it loudly, but I like to be respectful.

haasertime said...

i couldn't find the original version of win twins, nor the hormel row of fame song. Perhaps I'll email the Twins and request them. Perhaps.

We should totally do an album of updated Twins songs, "Win! Twins! (we're gonna)" and, "Wiener Winner: The Hormel Row of Fame Song" and Talkin Twins '09.

Waters has technical knowledge of music. Interested?

Daymonster said...

That would be probably the greatest thing in the world

brex said...

what does it say about larry nava at the beginning of joe mauer song?

TwinsWin83 said...

That My Baby Waves a Homer Hanky song reminds me of the "Twins Win- The Story of the 1987 Minnesota Twins" video. They do a cheesy video with game and fan clips to that song.

soup said...

I know there is a video of the Berenguer boogie but not sure if there is an audio.

I think an AH! sings album would be a great idea.

I'm still waiting for you guys to lay down "The bullpen blues."

Anonymous said...

how bout the Jack Buck call from game 6? or is that copyright issue?

Brian P said...

This version sounds more like what they play when the Twins take the field (at least the part with vocals):

And you can’t do better than this version of the Hormel Row of Fame song!

TOMDINAH said...
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Mr. St. Martin said...
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Mr. St. Martin said...

Hormel Row of Fame