Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Predictions after week one

- So far, the Twins have reminded us of years past with their ninth inning manufacturing, clutch domefield-singles, and sporadic run scoring. 13 runs in four games sounds wonderful, unless 12 of them came in a blowout of meaningless hits and homers. Does Liriano have "Santana-first-half-disease"? Or is his interpretation of the strikezone not the same as that of the umpire's?

- The team that has intrigued me the most is the young and speedy Florida Marlins. With a remarkable shortstop, lead-off hitter and a clean-up man whose come to life, I just don't see many weak offensive performances. If Josh Johnson can keep the same form as his Sunday's outing, there's no stopping him. Can anyone say, "EMILIO!"? Bonifacio, Uggla, Ramirez, and Cantu have been the most productive infield as of yet, and I can guarantee a 100th win by September 25th.

- Is it too much to assume that Cristian Guzman can take home a batting title?

- It appears as though Johan will finish with an ERA of sub 2, and over 200K's, with 12W and 11shutouts due to offensive off days by the otherwise potent Mets.

Can they repeat 2008?:
Carlos Quentin: With a .333 avg, 4HR, and 8RBI, it looks like his stat were legit. Hopefully those stats stay away from the Dome.

Evan Longoria: .481, 5HR, 10RBI. So he'll have 116bombs and 231RBI. With Longoria, Pena, Crawford, Bartlett staying on fire, and acquisition Burrell who's sure to pick it up soon, their offense seems to have all the tools. With Shields, Kazmir, and Garza pitching well, we'll see these guys give the rich east coast clubs a run for their money. Again.

Nate McLouth: batting .160, with 2HR, I feel as though he will level off from last year. The Pirates won't do anything special.

Ryan Braun: Can he still hit homeruns?

Tim Lincecum: 0-1 with a 7.56ERA, was he worth your first pitching pick?

Ryan Ludwick: Batting .389, he's still on track.

Jacoby Ellsbury: With just five total bases in 24 at-bats, he looks to be losing his spot in mid-May.

Jimmy Rollins and Jose Reyes: Being two of the top three shortstops in '08, they are both struggling to get aboard batting .150 and .057 below last season's stats respectively, we'll see if they can turn it around.

Chipper Jones: He obviously doesn't fall in to a one hit wonder category, but had a late career breakout season in '08 none the less. Batting .400 after finding out what steroids can do for you when you turn 35.

American League Central:
Inge, Cabrera, and Polanco are tearing it up, in addition to Magglio and Granderson keeping up with their usual production = their offense is scaring me. Galarraga and Verlander don't look too bad, and with Rodney effectively closing the door, they could give us some trouble.

We'll just let them cool off before we make any brash predictions.

White Sox:
Coming off a disappointing series against this trashy lineup, I just can't talk about these guys. They disgust me, and my time is more important than to analyze their stats and douche filled battery.

Although they looked tough, we knew better. They are the Indians.


soup said...

Christian Guzman: world's fastest human.

TwinsWin83 said...

na na na na na na. wa na na na na. sha na na na na na.