Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cat at Wrigley Field

So, I was at the Cubs game last night. It was my first time on a rooftop and it was a delightful experience. I have been to many Cubs games in the past and I actually think I prefer the rooftop over several sections inside the ball park. The rooftop I was on had three levels:

The lowest level had large, floor to ceiling windows that could be opened in the summer. From here you could see about 70% of the field. (the right field wall and foul line were blocked by the stadium itself) On this level they had a buffet with mashed potatos, turkey, chicken wings etc. and a bar).

On the second level was half outside half inside with heaters on the ceiling where you could get hot dogs, brats, pizza, ice cream etc. There was also another bar on this level but it was not open because of the cold weather and the lack of people.

On the third level was where the actually stadium seating was. There was a third bar at the top of this area that was covered and had propane heaters. There are TVs all over the rooftop including ones you can see from the stadium seats, as well as the WGN radio broadcast of the game being played through speakers all over.

But the real excitment came in the fourth inning when a cat ran out on to the field.

There was a collective gasp as the guy picked up the cat by the tail and just dropped him in the stands.

Everyone I was with had a theory of how the cat got onto the field. Almost everyone but me thought someone brought it into the stadium. But who holds on to a cat for four innings and doesn't get spotted throwing a cat onto the field from 15 feet up. Plus they would have to be in the front row of the bleachers, meaning they would have to have gotten to Wrigley 1-2 hrs in advance of when they open the field up so that means they have been with a cat in their jacket for close to 5 hours. Unlikely.

My theory is that it climbed into the stadium at some other point and had been chilling in the bleacher area for a while. Decided it wanted to check out the cubs dugout and catch those rats Ozzie is always talking about, and made a break for it?

Anyone else see this? Any theories?


Jim H. said...

Collective hallucination. Several people who had been sitting in the first few rows said later that they saw a man's face in the patterns of the cat's fur. They couldn't agree on whether it was Che Guevara, Jesus, or Luis Castillo.


haasertime said...

wasnt there a cat on the field in the nlcs in san diego in 84? cursed the cubs hard then...

Daymonster said...

yeah but that one was black... and i think it killed like 8 people that day.

haasertime said...

i've always wondered what the rooftop experience is like. we were thinkin of doing that for the Twins series down there, until brex bought us crappy seats for 3x face value.

Daymonster said...

what section are the tix in?

Holmer said...

Isn't this the second cat on field situation of the season? I believe there was one at the new Yankee Stadium already. They will never win another title. As for the Cubs... I believe this cat was a descendant of the cat that cursed them in the first place, and the curse is now renewed for another 25yrs.

Paul said...

The previous cat incident with the Cubs was in '69 when it ran out in front of Ron Santo at Shea.

It was black and everyone knows that when a black cat runs in front of you, you'll eventually lose both your legs.