Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Blowing The Wind Back Intta The Dome

-WEEEEEEE. Baseball is fun! I missed the final four innings because MLB.TV went all poopy diapers on me, but I'm not bitter. I'm not.

-I'm glad Gomez is showing some maturity at the plate. But let's hope he doesn't get carried away with this whole maturity thing. I mean, what's next? Is he going to stop smelling the pine tar? A world devoid of Carlos' youthful antics is not a world in which I want to live. But props on the 9th inning BB.

-Mike Redmond told LEN3 before the game that he was, "taped up pretty good." How do you tape a groin muscle strain? More importantly, who's the lucky SOB that gets the job of taping Redmonds groin? It also must be quite awkward for Redmond, being so modest and all.

-R.A.D. was going to play right field in an emergency. In his words he was going to "Babe Ruth it." I also use "Babe Ruth" as a verb, but I use it when I'm about to drink beer and eat an unhealthy amount of meat. Similarly, I use "Tony Batista" as an adjective for "whimsical"

-I don't understand this "You'll miss the Dome next April" noise. Yeah, the weather in April in Minnesota is cold for baseball. But it's still April. If you can't bear being outdoors for an extended period of time in April, then maybe Minnesota isn't the right state for you.

-Kevin Slowey kicks off his Cy Young Award campaign tonight against Carlos Silva. I like our chances. I guess Silva has lost like 50 pounds. Still weighs 2.3 Sloweys.

-Anyone not get enough Metrodome nostalgia? You're in luck because tonight will be the last third game of the season in the Metrodome, the last fist start of the season for Kevin Slowey in the Metrodome, the last first pitch of the third game in the metrodome, the last first out of the first game in the Metrodome, the last...well you get the idea.


jeff said...

I enjoyed your article about the Golden Ticket. I was wondering if you had spent anymore time searching for it and if it was ever found? I would love to know where it was found and if you had considered that area at all.

jammyman said...

tony is definitely full of, actuated by, or exhibiting whims. well done.

i never "babe ruthed it" because in the new age of baseball you have to be fast to play the outfield. plus i wouldn't have called it that cuz he could hit. it would have been more like "roger cedenoing it" or something like that

Holmer said...

I prefer the massive amounts of consumption usage of the term.

Great post.

soup said...

Redmond needs a Segway

Daymonster said...

how did he not beat that throw?