Thursday, April 10, 2008



A lot has happened at the site of the new Twins ballpark since we last updated on the construction. Here are a stadium-related news items I found interesting:

The Twins chose a vendor for their concessions. The winner is some big company from Delaware. I am pretty sure that they are not tied to a specific hot dog brand, so don't rule out Hormel brand dogs at the games in 2010. I'm working to verify this. Having a good hot dog is essential to the stadium experience.

I was thinking about this the other day. I'm not sure how eloquently I can put this right now, but here it goes: I would think that all 2008 season ticket holders are under the impression that they will definitely receive 2010 home opener tickets. But since they sell a lot of these partial season ticket plans, in addition to full season tickets, I bet they have damn near 30,000 holders. I have a feeling some people are going to be mad.

After visiting Petco, I now have an official plea for the new stadium (besides the hot dogs)
I hope they have a really great Kids area, with good employees hired specifially to entertain them througout the game. The Padres have lots of kid friendly ground and entertainers/cheerleaders to keep them excited about baseball. It's a great way of hooking fans for the future. The centerfield plaza will have a kids zone, but I just hope it's not lame.

Potential corporate naming partner rumors continue to swirl. The corporations that look most promising: Allianz, Great River Energy, and Land O' Lakes. Better do some thinking on those.

Update in pictures:
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Daymonster said...

I know we talked about this but are they for sure going with the green seats?

Also, it's PETCO not Petco.
Did you see this brick when you were down there?

Jim H. said...

The owners of that parking ramp in the foreground of the picture should build some bleachers -- the view from there looks pretty good. And maybe Kubel or Morneau can blast one all the way up there.

brex said...

I like the sound of Land O'Lakes Park. I wouldn't mind that.

TwinsWin83 said...

2 votes for Land O' Lakes Park.

Jim H. said...

If General Mills and Land O Lakes both bought nameing rights, it could be Land O Flakes Field. Everybody would think it was a typo. Or some sort of cultural reference.

TwinsWin83 said...

I like Northern Lights Park like they were talking about over at TwinsBallPark2010. That has a nice MN ring to it.

Two of the other options: Great River Park and Great Northern Park dont sound too bad either. It would just be nice to avoid corperate terms like 'energy' in the name.

If it was named Land O Lakes Field/Park it might be called "LOL Park." Thats nothing to laugh out loud about.

Daymonster said...

I thought we all agreed on "Alright Hamilton Field"

What about Canterbury Park Park?

Funcoland Stadium?

Ballpark of America?

haasertime said...

ha. we didnt see that brick, but i wish we did.

Everyone seems to be pretty sure that they are going with green seats.

LOL park would be great. it screams good times.