Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Free Jason Kubel Movement Summarization

By Michael Haas

Editors note: the Free Kubel idea is nothing new to many learned fans. This blog takes zero credit for it, and we feel that it's a fine idea. But many Twins fans are still not familiar with the Kubelution, so here's an introduction to it.

There's been a lot of Jason Kubel hating going on amongst fans over the past few years. The feelings are understandable. He was a big hitting prospect through his time in the minors, but he got off on the wrong foot in the majors, committing the most brutal strikeout in the history of Twins baseball. And then Kubel promptly blew his knee in an Arizona fall league game. After missing all of 2005,his return to the majors has been a frustrating ride. Never a great fielder, his range and general athleticism cut down further by his injury. He's shown flashes of power and plate discipline, but hasn't been able to find consistent at-bats. Without the at-bats, Kubel hasn't been able to get that spark; or get on the fans good side.

But all that could change this year. Fans are pleading Ron Gardenhire to put Jason Kubel into the DH slot, every day. No one is saying that he'll be great. The Twins probably won't compete this season, and the other DH, Craig Monroe, is definitely not the future of this team. So why not see what Kubel can do?

Here's what Howard Sinker wrote on his Star Tribune blog:

Now, Gardy, the point is that Kubel should be in right field every day pending Michael Cuddyer’s return, and then your everyday DH thereafter. Craig Monroe will make a nice 150 at-bat bench player, kind of your Punto-with-a-bat. It’ll make your life a bit easier in a season when you have enough other things to worry about.

Here's Aaron Gleeman:

Cuddyer posted a .790 OPS as a 28-year-old and parlayed it into a $24 million contract extension this offseason. Kubel posted a .785 OPS as a 25-year-old, emerging as the Twins' top hitter for a huge chunk of the season, and apparently somehow managed to lose his job during the winter.
This is what the Free Jason Kubel Blog wrote back in early March:

I'm not saying Kubel is going to go out and put up a .300-25-100 season, but in a season where the Twins will not compete for anything but 3rd in the AL Central, what do they have to lose by giving a kid who was once one of their most promising prospects 550 ABs?

I got a fever! And the only prescription is More Kubel!

(Props to Nick and Nick for the More Kubel revolution/idea )

So stop the Kubel hate!

Well actually, you can hate him for his past failures, but give him chance.

A chance!



TwinsWin83 said...

Kubel has been freed. Hes played in twelve of thirteen games this year and has the fourth most at-bats on the team.

Now I'll admit that if he is consistantly given the at bat he can be a good hitter for the Twins but he should never be allowed in the outfield. He has no range and a well below-average arm.

soup said...

Because Gardy was a terrible player…I think he really likes terrible players like Punto, Everett, and Munroe over good players.

I’m going to start a Free Everett campaign…as in free him from his obligations to play for the Minnesota twins.

bizmarkie507 said...

I too have wanted Kubel to play everyday. I even wanted him to play every day last season but that didn't happen. Once Cuddyer gets back from the DL, I'm sure Gardy will move Span to the DH and keep him hitting second because of his love for fast, crappy hitters in the two hole. Granted, Span has hit well since being up, but this isn't going to last

bizmarkie507 said...

but on a constructive note, I wish Tolbert would be the every day third baseman. Tolbert hit well in AAA last year, and has a very solid bat thus far in the season. He's better defensively at third than he is at second, so I'd rather him get most of the starts at 3B. Sure he hits for average and not power, but I'd much rather go with that and give him a full opportunity to develop instead of giving Mike Lamb any more playing time, since he's Tony Batista part 6.

bizmarkie507 said...

i meant shortstop, not second ^

haasertime said...

i feel ya,bizmarkie. It's essentially the same concept as the free kubel movement - We may as well develop the future.

But I wish we had some future to develop at shortstop so we could, "free adam everett"

soup said...

wait, changed my mind. Kubel went ofer tonight...back to the bench.

Daymonster said...

"More Kubel" with Christopher Walken, might be the best thing I have seen all day