Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bracket Challenge and other notes

Well, after the final results have been tallied, out of over 140 entries we have found our winner... (drum roll)... SOUP! Soup won the 2008 bracket challenge with 187 points. He just narrowly beat fellow AH! contributor Wuters. Even though Soup did not pick Kansas to win, let alone, reach the championship game, Soups steady diet of solid picks let him gain the points needed to take the AH! 2008 Bracket Pick 'Em Crown (pictured below) and 12 blog points.

Please congratulate Soup on his amazing accomplishment and his sweet hat.

In an unrelated story that I told Haas but never shared with the rest of you, I talked shit to AJ Pierzynski. That's right, this weeks AL player of the week and resident deusch bag, AJ Pierzynski.

Here is how the story goes.

So couple months ago on a Friday night I went to this bar called "The Store" after we had about 7 pitchers of Sangria at this restaurant down the street. When we got to the bar I immediately noticed one of my favorite games... Arcade Basketball. It was your standard Super Shot machine with moving back board (although the one pictured is a three-across model and the one at the bar was just your standard single shot) and I just so happened to have 18 one dollar bills in my pocket, due to the good people at McDonald's not having any fives or tens.

I first challenged this one girl to a game and I obviously crushed her. As we were planning our rematch a guy and a girl came up and asked us if they could play after us. I told them that we could make a friendly wager and which ever team scored the least amount of combined points had to buy the winning team drinks. The two agreed but not before the guy switched his girlfriend for another guy and we played alternating turns. We won, got our drinks and took on the next challengers. This continued on for about 6 more teams of two as a large crowd gathered around the Super Shot.

We finally lost to this small guy decked out in New England Pats gear that threw up a impressive 65 pts. Besting my nights best by 6. We were heart broken as I came back from the bar with two bottles of Coors Light (I made it look like a bought them, but I had a few left from the bounty I had already won) I got back in line to take on the team that had now won two in a row. After a good 10 minutes I was back up to challenge the same reigning champs that beat us. Just as I am putting in my dollar in the machine. I hear someone say "AJ says he's got next."

Eff that, who is AJ? I turn around and it's AJ Pierzynski offering $20 bucks to play the next game of Super Shot. No way am I letting this happen. So I told him that he can wait in line like all of us and that the integrity of the game can't be bought. I used the term duesch-bag somewhere in there but I can't remember exactly when or in what context. He walked away and started talking to some older blond chick at the bar. But not before I got a couple pics of him.

Here is the one from my cell phone. I am not sure why he wouldn't pose for me. It's obviously not very good but you get the idea. I had another from a friends camera but it I guess she deleted it because she thought it was just a picture of a random dude from the bar.


haasertime said...

damn 140 entries. Way to go Soup. I wish i had 12 blog points.

Thats a pretty good story. He just walked away from you huh? Maybe his reputation is undeserved?

soup said...

Best hat ever.

That's cool that you got to talk smack to AJ. I was more impressed with the impromptu mini basketball tourny. I wish I was good at bar games.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe your story.....

TwinsWin83 said...

I love AJ. Always have.

I wish the Twins would get him back and finaly move Mauer to 3rd.

Daymonster said...

anonymous, I don't believe your name.

tfrezac2002 said...

I'm with you TW83, I always liked AJ.
Don't worry Tom, I beleive you.

Karleeee said...

I would of made him hit me.