Friday, April 18, 2008

Last T'Wolves Review of '08

Sorry for making the other reviews so long. I forget that not very many people are really into the most losingest franchise in the NBA, so I'll keep this one short. They finished 22-60, tied for the 3rd worst record in the league. We sucked, and need a bigger lineup and another scorer. The Wolves have a 13.75 percent chance of getting the number one pick in the upcoming draft. Now the Wolves have 2 huge needs: A PG and a Center. My top 3 would be Derrick Rose PG, Michael Beasley SF, Brook Lopez C. Any of these 3 players would automatically make us a better team.

Wolves Free Agents

Michael Doleac C - He sucks let him go.

Ryan Gomes SF/PF - Good, will be better if we can slide him to SF by obtaining a Center in the draft. Keep him.

Chris Richard C - Has shown improvement. Plays Defense already and can rebound. He would also be cheap to resign. Keep him.

Craig Smith PF - I love Smith because he is instant offense off the bench, but is too short to play defense. If his contract could be 3 million or less per year, bring him back.

Kirk Snyder SF - I like him, he's great, but doesn't fit in the grand scheme of things. Let him go.

Sebastian Telfair PG - He's fun to watch, but has a lot of holes in his game. He'll probably cost 4 or 5 million a year to resign and that's too much. Let him go.

Please Fire Randy Wittman

He sucks and we'll never win anything with him as our chess master.

My thoughts on McHale

He is still terrible at managing a basketball franchise, but has made a series of good moves over the past year. I would also like him to stick around one more year to help develop Jefferson, Richard and whichever big we get in the draft.

Next season Predictions:

Wolves will finish with 30-35 wins if they can draft any of the above three players. This team has never had luck with winning the lottery, so Brooke Lopez is more than likely going to be the player we end up with. Rose would be the golden ticket, but Lopez would help our size. This would be a realistic depth chart for next season if Lopez is acquired.

C Lopez/Richard
PF Jefferson/Smith
SF Gomes/Brewer/Draft player?
SG McCants/Brewer
PG Foye/Draft player?

Its been a long painful run, but Jefferson is fun to watch and will be an all star next season. I don't expect the Wolves to be a playoff team in 09, but they will be in 2010. This upcoming draft is going to be very big for the future of this team. If they get lucky and can land Derrick Rose then we will be a serious force for years to come. Keep your fingers crossed.


Anonymous said...

Is Derrick Rose eligible? I thought they changed it so you have to be 20 with two years of college experience to go into the draft..........

bizmarkie507 said...

He's eligible. Mayo, Beasley, Rose, and some other true freshman are entering the draft. Maybe that comes in effect next year.

Anonymous said...

can we not ever talk about the timberwolves again, please.

soup said...

I enjoy a good Twolves post every now and then.

I kind of want beasley, but we really do need a center. I hope with our second second round pick we take the tallest and most uncordinated foreign center avialable.

TwinsWin83 said...

Does Ndudi Ebi have an older brother or something we can draft too?