Friday, October 26, 2007

Twins Find Veteran Stability In Rotation

By Soup

To the surprise of the Minnesota Twins, Sidney Ponson was available to be picked up again this 2008 off-season. The Twins were happy to offer a bullpen-dazzling talent like Ponson three million a year for the next three years. It is true the Twins have a number of young major league pitching talents in Garza, Perkins, Baker, and Slowey. The front office, however, has come to the realization that none of these pitchers will be ready in the next four to five years. This makes Ponson an undeniably valuable asset to the organization.

This move has been criticized by a minority of the Twin's fan base citing the complete ineffectiveness Ponson had last year with his two and five record and his 6.93 ERA. Pitching Coach Rick Anderson made all naysayers sound like idiots when he commented on Ponson's bullpen. He said, "He threw a great bullpen. His sinker was sinking. His velocity was up."

Manager Ron Gardenhire agreed with his pitching coach. He said, "Did you see his bullpen? He had the velocity and his sinker was sinking."

When Ponson was asked directly about his previous ineffectiveness he responded, "Did you see my F*ing bullpen?!!!"

Picking up Ponson once was a gift from God. Having a chance to sign him again is destiny. This move is an incredible sigh of relief for the Twins fans worried about losing Johan Santana. The thought of losing a multiple Cy Young winner like Santana has been greatly weathered by the signing of a bullpen dazzling veteran like Ponson. The availability of the Twin's 2008 World Series tickets, however, is unknown.


TwinsWin83 said...

Im all for it if they can bring Tony Batista back too. Maybe they could figure out some kind of package deal and then Ponson and Batista could live together like Mauer and Morneau did and be best buds and lead the Twins to another division title next year. Man that would be sweet.

Anonymous said...

How about Denny Hocking?? I bet he is available.....and would be a great presence in the club house. I am sure he would be quite the leader on the field.