Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Playoff Pick 'em Challenge

Generally we try not to double post on the same day, but today is an exception (so please continue on down to read the nice playoff preview written by TW83). But in the mean time, with out further ado, let us introduce the First Annual AH! MLB Playoff Pick 'em Challenge.

Here are the rules:
Everyone post their picks in the comment section. Pick the team you think will win and the number of games you think it will take them to win (example, Yankees in 5). But don't pick the whole shebang, all we are looking for is the first round. After we get all of the picks we will compile them into a master list for everyone to see (and ridicule).

Scoring? I am glad you asked.

1st round:
Correct Team: 3pts
Correct Number of games: 1pt
Bonus for both correct: 2pts

Total Points Possible in round 1: 24pts

Correct Team: 6pts
Correct Number of games: 2pts
Bonus for both correct: 4pts

Total Points Possible in round 2: 24pts

World Series:
Correct Team: 12pts
Correct Number of games: 4pts
Bonus for both correct: 8pts

Total Points Possible in the WS: 24pts

Total for all Rounds: 72pts

After it is all said and done, the person with the most points will be crowned AH! MLB Playoff Pick 'em Champion. A picture of a trophy will most likely be posted next to your name and picture for all to see. And for the person who gets last? He or she (most likley he) will be banished from AH! forever.

So post your picks, and like I said before, read the playoff preview below.


haasertime said...

rock on, ill try to get the word out.

soup said...

Sorry, it’s long, but I already wrote it…so might as well post it


The four AL teams are stacked. I mean they make Pamela Anderson look like an Olsen Twin. Hey-O! (Feel free to use that one Jay Leno.) But, seriously, they are really good. There is no room for the cutesy-overachieving-little-engine-that-could-club in this field.

Angels Vs. Red Sox:

I think the starting pitching is pretty close. Despite the Red Sox having two World Series MVPs, I would give the edge to the Angels. Becket, Matsuzaka, and Schilling’s ERAs: 3.27, 4.40, and 3.87 respectively. Lackey, Escobar, and Weaver’s ERAs: 3.01, 3.40, and 3.91 respectively. I give a slight edge in bullpen to Boston. The big difference between the two teams is power. Vlad was the only Angel to hit over 20 HRs. No Angel hit over 30.

Red Sox win in four

Indians Vs. Yankees

Again, the pitching is close. I give the edge to Cleveland. Sabathia and Carmona have really learned to use their fantastic stuff this year. Pettitte and Clemens are both still good but not dominant. I just don’t think their good is better than the Cleveland offense. Rivera gives the Yankees a slight advantage in bullpen.

I call the offenses a draw. Yes, through the regular season the Yankees had better stats. But, I don’t believe this Cleveland team even got close to its potential. The Indian’s power is a bit less than the Yanks, but much better balanced. The Tribe have five players with more than 20 HRs and one with 18. The Bombers only have three players with more than 20 HRs. Why does this matter? Well let’s say there is a certain player (who rhymes with Shmalex Smodriguez) who has more than twice as many HRs as his next closest teammate during the regular season, but tends to slump during the post season. The team could lose most of its pop (again). The Indians have more slumpitis immunity because their power is more spread out.
Tribe in Five


I don’t think I have an American League bias when I say the NL teams are significantly worse than the AL teams.

Phillies Vs. Rockies

Phillies have a better offense. What the Rockies lack in offensive star power, however, they make up for in one through eight consistent production in their lineup. There are not any holes in the mile high line up. So, the Phillies offensive advantage is not immense.

The Phills advantage in pitching, however, is not even close. Cole Hamels is the only pitcher in the series that could be considered an ace. Kyle Kendrick gets game two for Philadelphia, and he looks pretty nice.

Phightin Phills in three

Chicago Vs. Arizona

First, let me say I cannot be happier that the Diamondbacks are in the playoffs. It is not because I particularly like them. I am just ecstatic that Eric Byrnes will not be doing pre and post game commentary. Last year they would just have these stupid segments like, “Ask Byrnzy” or something stupid like that. They would cut to Brynes and slide whistles and other “crazy” Three Stooges type sounds would go off. Then he would try and fail to be funny for about 20 seconds. Then they would cut back to the normal broadcasters and they would be like, “Boy, That Byrnzy! He sure is crazy. Just a hoot. You never know what he is going to say next….with that silly crazy hair…shoot.” Anyway, Cubs have a significantly better offense and marginally better starting pitching.

Cubs win in four.

brex said...

Is this where we do our picks for the AH! pool?

Cherubs in 4
Native Americans in 5

Phanatics in 5
Snakes in 5

brunner said...

Phillies in 5
cubs in 4

boston in 4
yankees in 4

Matt Damerus said...

Red Sox 4 games

Yankees 4 games

Cubs 4 games

Phillies 5 games

Jeff said...

Indians in 5...
Red Sox in 4...
Cubs in 4....
Rockies in 5....

Jeff said...

that is the last time i ever have faith in the cubs....

tfrezac2002 said...

Sorry it took so long to post it on here, I had it posted on TW83's last entry.
Tribe in 5
Angels in 4
D-backs in 3
Phils in 4

Looks like I hitched my wagon to wrong horse this year with the Phils.

bizmarkie507 said...

i emailed my predictions to haas last week, cuz my browser wasn't allowing me to open the comments section. haas has the proof if no one believes me.

my picks:
Cleveland in 5 (CC and Carmona will get it done)
BoSox in 4
Rockies in 4
Cubs in 4

...stupid cubs and their curse