Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Random Thoughts

by Michael Haas

- On channel 11 at 4pm, there's this show called 'Kare OnLive' It's like a weird variety show with Diana Pierce and Pat Evans. It's cool because it's an interactive show, with viewers adding to the program by chatting online. Today, they asked one of my questions. It was so cool! My roomate requested that they shout out to our Troy who is in the hospital, and they did! It was much appreciated. (The well wishes for Troy aren't online, but you can see the lame question from Mike H by clicking here, and watching the 'your family disaster plan' segment and skipping ahead to 3:20.)

- With Halloween right around the corner, it might be time to start thinking about costumes. Here are a few ideas:

Princess Leia

Hank Aaron

Luke Skywalker

Babe Ruth

Darth Vader


- Another thought: I might have to dress up in a costume three separate nights for halloween this year. That doesn't sound fun at all.

- Is there a rule that says the kicker has to run up to kick off the ball during a football game? I feel like if the kicker could just stand behind the ball and flick it with his foot and ankle, it could produce a better ratio for recovered onside kicks. Think about it.

- When time is running down, and a team is out of time-outs, they often 'spike' the football to stop the clock. Why isn't this intentional grounding? Because he's inside the tackle box? That doesn't make sense at all.

- Are the Feds and NASA doing what's best for all by withholding the results of an airline safety study? They commission a 4-year project, but then shut it down because they don't like the results? This should especially strike a chord with Minnesotans, as we have seen one disastrous result of the spending vs. public safety fight.

- There are a lot of things that make me sick during the FOX broadcast of the World Series. One thing is the fake fans holding up computer generated advertisements.

- oh my gosh did you see the Gophers get beat by NDSU? Well you heard about it right? I owe CC $15 bucks, remind me to pay him for that ticket. That game was so stupid, and there were so many NDSU fans there. I think the Gophers are cursed. We should pull a University of Chicago Maroons and withdraw from the Big Ten.

- This train was parked behind my house the other day. It's the most badass train I've ever seen. It's home is right near our house in Nordeast. Imagine our surprise when we saw this thing heating up on our way home from the bar one night. And how surprised the conductor was when I started asking him drunken questions over the roar.

- I wonder if Slug or any of the rhymesayers crew root for the Twins or anyone. Cuz they should. I'll bet Brother Ali likes them.

- Joke of the Day: On the first day of college, the Dean addressed the students:

"The female dormitory is out-of-bounds for all male students, and the male dormitory to the female students. Anybody caught breaking this rule will be fined $20 the first time. The second time you will be fined $60. A third time will cost you a fine of $180. Are there any questions?"

A male student inquired, "How much for a season pass?"


Daymonster said...

Interesting thoughts.

Here are my reactions:
First, I might be the only person older than 22 that enjoys thinking of costumes for Halloween and when there are multiple Halloween themed events.

2. The reason I believe it is not intentional ground (without doing any research) is that a. he is not at risk of being sacked b. there are eligible receivers close to where the ball is (HB,TE) and c. I think it even states in the rule that stopping the clock is not intentional grounding.

but this leads me to my own football quandary. In college football, shouldn’t the holder be down when he gets the ball and his knee is touching the ground?

As for the onside kick question. I think it makes more sense to run up as it keeps a slight element of surprise. Also I think its easier to get into a proper rhythm in practice with a run up vs. standing still. but good questions.

p.s. I say you go with princess leia.

TwinsWin83 said...

When I think of stopping the clock by spiking the ball I cant help but think about Johnny Moxon. Everytime I saw him run a clock play by hiking the ball and firing it at the oppossing teams mascot on the sideline I got upset because that must have taken up atleast 5 more seconds of clock time then if he were to simply spike it. Five more seconds would have taken some of the pressure off of Billy Bob to have to run the final play into the endzone.

Whats with all the Star Wars options for costumes this year? How about being "the King" from BK? That way when kids came to your door trick-or-treating you could point a finger at them to hold on a second and then slowly pull the bowl of candy out from behind your back, like the King does with his breakfast sandwhiches on that tray.

brex said...

I don't like dressing up for halloween but I do enjoy laughing at others who put in time/effort/money into a hilarious costume. Like Brett Berry is his slim jim suit. hahaha

fake fans? do they really do that? What makes me sick is Tim Mccarver's pitiful commentary.

Skyline lights: I dont think I believe you on this one, I've never seen them off, and why would they do that? save energy? I think they are on 24 hrs.

Jeff said...

come on Mike, the best you could come up with is how many smoke detectors. That's so lame...Bres I agree I hate spending money on Haloween costumes, and Brett Berry doesn't need a slim jim costume to make me laugh at him but it does help. My best costume was Axl Rose, Thanks in large part to Tom Daymont for drawing the tattoos perfect.

haasertime said...

yes daymonster, the holder absoltly should be down. i think i might go to refs school, and then move all the way up to division 1 football, just so i can literally blow the whistle on that one.

the onside kick thing, i was imagining a trick play, where the kicker would kinda flick it into the air, and one really fast guy would run ten yards and catch it. of course, he would kick it to the other side of the field and the one guy would have to run really fast.

the king is so 2006. and besides, i dont think i could ever wear a costume that requires a mask. unless its a masquerade ball.

i will be you one million dollars that the skyline lights turn off at midnight. i'll try to record it on my cellphone tonight.