Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Round 1 Standings and Results

As I am sure you all know the Divisional Series' of the MLB Playoffs are over and starting Thursday the Championship Series' will get underway. Here is what happened in case you missed it.

The Indians finished off the Yankees last night in four games, the only series that didn't feature a quick three-game sweep. The Red Sox handled the Angels easily, as did the Diamondbacks with the Cubs. The young Rockies beat the Phillies in three games as well.

Here are the standings after this first round. Aunt Mary (If that is your real name) was the only reader to pick all four teams to advance. Picking two of the four with the correct amount of games she takes a somewhat commanding lead into the next round. [Correction: LittleJo also picked all four teams to advance, but did not pick the correct number of games in any of the series'. MrP correctly picked three out of the four series' and the correct number of games in the Rockies Phillies series, earning him a tie with LittleJo.] The top three memebers posted their guesses after the first 3 games had already started. (I'm just saying...)

Aunt Mary - 18pts
MrP -12 pts
LittleJo - 12 pts
Haasertime - 10pts
Jeff - 9 pts
Tfrezac - 9pts
Daymonster - 9pts
Soup - 7pts
TW83 - 7pts
BizMarkie - 6pts
Brex - 6pts
Roy - 4pts
Brunner - 4pts
Damerus - 4pts

Luckily for most of us, this next round is essentially a fresh start. Please post your predictions for the NLCS and the ALCS in the comment section below. Feel free to make predictions in paragraph form but make sure you say which team will win, and in how many games (remember these are seven game series' now).

Boston Red Sox vs. Cleveland Indians

Colorado Rockies vs. Arizona Diamondbacks

Get the predictions in by Thursday at 2pm CT, so we can compile them and have them ready by the start of the NLCS game.


bizmarkie507 said...

again, without any analysis whatsoever:

Cleveland in 6
Rockies in 5

Anonymous said...

Little Jo says:
Mr. Haas,
I picked all 4 teams to advance! Did you add my score correctly?

Aunt Mary is her real name.

D-Backs in 6.
Cleveland in 6.

TwinsWin83 said...

Yeah Little Jo did pick all 4 series correctly and she has the same amount of points as Mr P. who only got 3 right. I think some of the math needs to be rechecked.

Also I think many were confused about the bonus points received for predicting the number of games correctly as well as the team. Were there bonus points if you got the number of games right and not the team? Either way Im drowning in the middle of the standings.

I will post a preview of the LCS matchups for tommorrow, I mean I am running at a 50% success rate on my picks.

Daymonster said...

LittleJo and TwinsWin,

Even though MrP only got 3/4 correct, he got the right number of games correct with one of the series, earning him the same amount of points as LittleJo and her 4 correct guesses but with no correct number of games picked. Somewhat confusing I know.

I double checked the math and it's accurate to the way I laid out the scoring. I just wrote the wrong thing in the paragraph.

Also, LittleJo when posting you can choose the identity "other" and type in LittleJo. That way you don't have to type "Little Jo says:"

TwinsWin83 said...

I guess my only question is do you get points for getting the right number of games even if you didnt get the team right? Because in your desription it says you get 3 points for a correct game, 1 point for the correct number of games and 2 more points for both.

So does that mean if I guessed Yankees in 4 games I still get 1 point because the series went 4 games? I guess Im wondering because what is the point of having the 2 extra points for getting both right when you already get 1 point for having the correct amount of games picked?

Daymonster said...

yeah, thats how I had it this whole time. Like if you picked that a team would win in 5 you still get one point even if the team you picked didn't win. But if you picked both you got a bonus.

I thought it would make it more competitive, as even if your team didn't win, if you picked what kind of series (sweep, full seven games, etc). you would still get something.

I am guessing that you don't like this system and I am fine for changing it but that might be a lot of work. I just thought it would be fun to get a bonus if you got both correct.

As for the "I double checked the math and I am right" I would like to change that to "I triple checked the math, realized I made a mistake and owed 4 people an extra point each, but now am 99% certain that I am right"

TwinsWin83 said...

No the system is fine I was just wondering because I really didnt understand the whole bouns point for having the number of games picked thing. Its all good now.

Anonymous said...


Daymonster, Thanks for the tip. I knew that my score was correct, I thought Haas was keeping the score, and I was just giving him a hard time. We're just happy that you are letting us participate. Keep up the great work!

Little Jo said...

OK, now I used the comment section correctly.

Jeff said...

Indians 5
Rockies 7

Jeff said...

I want a series to go 7 games...

soup said...

Tribe in 6

Rockies in 6
They for sure have the offense to do it. I think Randy McNobody and the rest of the Rockies pitching staff will be effective enough.

brex said...

It is dumb to score any points if you picked a team to sweep that got swept.

Snakes in 7
Native Americans in 7

Daymonster said...


youre dumb.

Mr. P said...

Rockies in 7
Red Sox in 6

Aunt Mary said...

Aunt Mary is my real name. I live in Arizona and am a huge Diamondback fan. They have been a fun team to watch this year. While their starting pitching past Brandon Webb is a little weak, they are still my pick to win the NLCS. There are about 3,000 tickets left to the games, so if you'd like to come down here, we'd love to have you. My picks:

Diamondbacks in 6.
Cleveland in 6.

tfrezac2002 said...

The Rolling Stones in 5
Red Men in 6