Friday, April 30, 2010

Pavano and his wacky theories - every team has one.

Twins pitcher Carl Pavano threw a gem yesterday, giving up just two runs over eight innings. Unfortunately, Gardenhire's trotted out his JV lineup and the Twins lost, accomplishing a bunch of firsts a long the way:

first back-to-back losses
first complete game by starting pitcher
first unearned run (thought Butera was supposed to be good defensively)
first series loss
first shutout

Pavano's effort was even more heroic considering the pain in the neck he had to withstand. After the game, the pitcher theorized on his aggravated neck, saying, "it might have been the pillows that threw me off or it might have been that throwing a baseball is the most unnatural movement in the human body. That might have something to do with it, too."

Okay Carl. I appreciate your hard work and your good pitching, but hold the phone.

Isn't the notion that throwing a baseball is "the most unnatural movement" a bit self-serving? It sounds like an excuse, especially considering his history of injuries. He probably just convinced himself that human beings weren't meant to throw things while sitting around the trainers room. And then there's the Bloody Sock Theory, which says that pitchers enjoy feigning injury in hopes of heightening their bravery and skill (or excusing a bad performance.)

Also, I wish he'd present some sort of data with his ridiculous statement. Maybe a top ten list based on a kinesiology algorithm of unnatural movements in sports? I can think of about a million movements and motions for a human body that are more unnatural than throwing a baseball. Like pole vaulting. Or typing on a computer keyboard.

So you'll understand if this was a poor blog writing performance.


Anonymous said...

So thaatz whi i'm so crumby at thys!

Thangs, KArl!


TwinsWin83 said...

Spoken like someone who has never pitched before Mike.

Carl might be a little over dramitic but he is right about one thing: throwing a baseball overhand repeatedly as hard as you can and at differnt arm angles is one of the most unatural motions for the human body. I remember reading some article about it online a while back, and it was on the internet so you know whoever wrote it is an expert.

You should feel for the dude a little bit, there is nothing harder then throwing a gem and losing because your offense cant score. Just ask anyone who has ever piched for the Knights.

haasertime said...

I've pitched before. Two weeks ago, I threw nine innings.

although last weekend I'd agree with Carl, because I only lasted 3 and gave up a grand slam.

brex said...


Knights in 2010!