Thursday, April 1, 2010

Span Hits Mother with Foul Ball, Grounded for Two Weeks

Twins beat the Yankees 4-2. No big deal. This would be impressive most of the time, but not this year. This year this team is going to win it all. You guys all heard it here first.

But more importantly... Denard Span. WORST SON EVER!!

In an ominous tweet before the game Span wrote:

Playing the Yankees today in front of my family and friends in my hometown today
In the first at bat of the game, Span took a defensive two strike swing and lined one over the third base dugout. RIGHT AT HIS MOM! Do you believe that? He hit his own mom ferchrissakes!

CC Sabathia and Yankees manager Joe Girardi both said they heard her scream. Span looked like he realized it right away as he ran over to her and made sure she was okay. It appears as if she took the ball off the upper chest.

Span took himself out of the game (after taking the next pitch for strike three) and stayed by her side while she was treated by paramedics.

Thankfully, Denard Span's mother is doing fine. According to another tweet from the Twins centerfielder she is "feeling okay right now!" Feeling "okay" doesn't exactly sound good, but I take comfort in the use of an exclamation point. Here is hoping for a speedy recovery for Wanda Wilson.

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soup said...

We probably shouldn't make too big of a deal of this situation, but HOLY SHIT.