Monday, April 12, 2010

A New Era

A new era. A fancy new thing. Pretty expensive, but it was worth it. That's right, I bought a new cap.

It's a New Era 5950. My old one got pretty ratty pretty fast. I bought it at TwinsFest for just ten bucks, but I haven't worn it all. It was a little small; I wear a 7 1/4th but this was 7 1/8th. Luckily, it was easy to stretch out.

Other Twins Duds:

This 2002 Division Champs hat was purchased from a thrift store last year, brand new with the tags still on. It's especially awesome because it's a wearable tribute to that 2002 squad, which was the team that created the current era of Twins greatness.

My buddy bought this for me at a thrift store for eight bucks, never worn, tags still on. When this was made, no one knew if the Twins would win that series.

And here's the answer. Jack Morris, Kirby Puckett and.. Chuck Knoblauch? Sure. Good sac bunt to get Gladden to third.

Oh and by the way, there's a baseball game at Target Field today. And this time, it counts.


TwinsWin83 said...

Leave it to Caple to write a more realistic piece on Target Field. Tom Verducci eat your heart out.

Robert Fishman said...

Nice shirt. Thanks for sharing!