Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Few Notes from Opening Day

Apologies for the short post today but it was a busy weekend and this week is looking just as hectic. Today was the 2010 MLB Opening Day (TM). The best day of the year. And yes, today was the real Opening Day, not that made for TV bullcrap we all watched last night. (AH! contributors, did we decide not to swear on the blog? I forgot, and the word bullcrap just doesn't look right.)

Welp, it's official. Contrary to my prediction the Twins will not go undefeated this year. It's a shame really.

What is even more of a shame is how Twins new second baseman doesn't even get a real jersey. See that? No front number on the uniform.

You know who does get a number of the front of his jersey? Yep. Joe Mauer. That guy gets everything.

Everybody was at the game last night, even Wayne Gretzky. Apparently his kid is a Twins fan. Anybody know the reason behind that. I am guessing it involves Justin Morneau somehow. Also, sweet scarf Wayne.

That's it. Good effort Twins. While Mijares got rocked, at least Neshek looked decent. I was surprised he could keep his composure after no doubt feeling down when he heard how his alma matter lost to Duke in a great game last night. Hey, at least he didn't get hit in the face with a baseball... again.

And remember... There is no smoking in the Metrodome at Target Field.


TwinsWin83 said...

I literly sat there dumbfounded for atleast 5 innings trying to figure out why Hudson didnt have a number on the front of his jersey.

They go to all that trouble and fanfare to unvail their new road unis and then they miss something like a number on the front of one of their starters jerseys?

crazy stuff.

haasertime said...

seriously nice scarf. I saw another guy near him who had a scarf too. Strange indeed.