Friday, April 2, 2010

2010 Predictions Segment

In the communal spirit of Nick Punto Day, Josh Johnson organized Predictions Day. At the end of the season we can look back to who will looks the stupidest. It's a race. I'm winning.

Twins-Specific Predictions
Twins MVP: Joe Nathan, for making the Twins play hard by realizing that the game could be taken from them at any moment.
Twins Top Pitcher: Kevin Slowey
Twins Best Rookie: Drew Butera. I don't know. He's the only rookie on the roster right now?
Twins Most Improved Player: Francisco Liriano
Bold Predictions: Nick Punto will hit over .220. Jose Mijares will lose weight. The Twins will be in third place at the All-Star break. Scott Baker will give up the most home runs in the league.
A.L. Central Final Standings

White Sox
Grienke, Soria and Butler

First Home Run at Target Field: Joe Mauer.
First Twins pitcher to allow a home run: Scott Baker. Kevin Youkilis. 3:24pm CST on Monday April 12th.

Three Keys to Success for the Twins:

- Limiting Alexi Casilla and Matt Tolbert to less than 100 collective at-bats.

- Somehow overcoming the enormous detriment of playing in Target Field.

- Proving everyone wrong by retaining a successful closer by committee model all season.

A.L. Playoff Predictions: Twins over Yankees, Rays over Rangers, Twins over Rays

N.L. Playoff Predictions: Braves over Rockies, Cardinals over Phillies, Cardinals over Braves

World Series Prediction: Twins over Cardinals; Ozzie Smith doesn't do any backflips.


Alright Hamilton on MPR

I'm glad that we were there to inform the public that tickets will be harder to come by. I don't think people knew that. Spreading useful and insightful knowlege with strangers. Doing good deeds. Great, great. It's all great.


Anonymous said...

Your prediction on the Youkilis home run is off. It will be closer to 3:36 PM because the start of the game will be delayed by the umpires while they check the height of the mound (in response to a formal complaint filed by the whiner Tony LaRussa during the exhibition games).

And the sentence following your Nathan MVP prediction is tantalizingly incomplete, cleverly forcing your readers to check back often for updates.


haasertime said...

oops. fixed.

brex said...

Kubel: 50 bombs

haasertime said...

50 bombs!??!?!?!?!

Oh and when I wrote,

"retaining a successful closer by committee model all season."

That's already been proven wrong cuz Gardy just announced that Rauchy Baby is his closer.

tfrezac2002 said...

Same prediction as the last 2 years. He isn't a twin anymore but, Carlos Gomez will steal 100 bases. 1 for every time he gets on base.