Thursday, April 8, 2010

Music at Target Field

This is going to be a real quick, ugly and disjointed posting continuing our discussion from yesterday concerning music at Target Field. I could probably just shoot an email over to Twins audio guy Kevin Dutcher, as I did last year, but we don't need his input just yet.

I think we can all agree that God Bless America and I Saw Her Standing There are not going to cut it as post-Take Me Out To The Ballgame tunes. Additionally, Van Hagar's Right Now should be played Never Again.

Instead of those tired songs, the home team should try to incorporate a little bit more local music. Minneapolis has a rich tradition of great music, from The Trashmen to The Hold Steady and Yanni to Tail Chaser. Dutcher certainly understands this, stating in an interview, "A lot of Prince, Replacements, Husker Du. I enjoy playing local bands. I'm trying to play more current local bands: Red Pens, Solid Gold. We'll see how that goes."

As I recall, he doesn't get a ton of free choice during the game. However, before the game he can play basically whatever he wants. So if we want to influence the music choices at Target Field, we'd have to petition the upper-management.

Until then, here are some recommendations.

Prince - Let's Go Crazy (possible replacement for Van Hagar. Warning: This video will make you want to watch Purple Rain.)

Recommendations by reader Greg yesterday:

Prince - Baby I'm a Star

The Hold Steady - Constructive Summer

The Hold Steady - Party Pit

Morris Day & The Time - Cool

I like The Time selection there, but in terms of early 80's Prince side-songs, this song has no peer. I'm not sure if we've discussed it on this blog before, but please take a listen:

The Screams of Passion
by The Family.

Lastly, Howard Sinker had this note in his section 219 blog today:

Interesting thoughts in the Section 219 blog comments Wednesday about what Jon Rauch's entry music should be. So far, Woolhouse's suggestion of Drowning Pool's "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor" is my fave.

I can't believe anyone would think that would be an acceptable song to play ever. Let alone blasting across a beautiful ballpark to the horror and revulsion of 40,000 people. Just because Jon Rauch has a neck tattoo does not mean everyone who watches him pitch has to listen to awful music.

I'm too disgusted to suggest better alternatives, so I'll leave that to you. Here's a hint: ANYTHING


Bagman said...

Delmon, get on this. Please.

Daymonster said...

while all those songs are good... i dont see any being a 7th inning stretch jam... except screams of passion, of course.

TwinsWin83 said...

My entire college career I walked out to the mound to the soothing beat of Kriss Kross's "Jump."

Now I know that might seem questionable to most, and the band is rediculously citchy, but you gotta hear the way it starts quickly and provides a catchy yet lighthearted beat. I think it might be a fun one for a closer to come out too. Someting different from the usual dark and gloomy hard rock. It would atleast provide a fun atmosphere for the fans.

Now go ahead, tell me how lame that is.

bites said...

I love that you love Prince.

I type that as I sit wearing a Purple Rain T-shirt.


haasertime said...

Yes, Delmon is the Truth. I bet he's never even heard of Brother Ali.

I think Screams of Passion should be the only song ever played. Just imagine the crowd singing that, hand covering their hearts while staring at a gigantic american flag. Magical.

Tw83: way to think outside the box. I get that song and Jump Around mixed up.

Bites: Yes. We love Purple Rain. And The Family.

haasertime said...

We Won!

From the Strib:

Instead of the "Star Wars" theme that was used for home runs in past seasons at the Metrodome, the Twins will instead play Prince's "Let's Go Crazy" over a state-of-the-art sound system.

carl said...

neck tattooS.

Anonymous said...

Yanni? Seriously? Now THAT would get folks fired up!
Trashmen is a great idea, though. And let's throw in the Castaways as well!

Public Address Announcer said...

Hey there. I was researching Twins music and Target Field and found your blog and was hoping to find something for our Baseball Song of the Day Blog. I really thought your suggestion of Constructive Summer by The Hold Steady was great and listed it as our song of the day. Thank you for the Twins insight and good luck in your new stadium.

haasertime said...

sweet. Thanks.