Wednesday, March 3, 2010

On Mauer: When do we panic?

It's fun to be negative. And for a sports fan, it's a great defense mechanism. After all, the pessimist is never disappointed. Yet, even as the Twins stare down the barrel of a gun, it seems most fans are acting remarkably optimistic. Heck, I think a lot of people even forgot about the fact that MAUER IS STILL UNSIGNED.

It's fair to say that everyone believed the free agent-to-be would have signed a lengthy extension by now. I'm wondering why I'm not freaking out. Maybe it's because - a) The Twins had a pretty great offseason and spring training is finally here. b) there are Target Field tickets, games and tours to think about c) No one else is freaking out. The media isn't even reporting or speculating on the negotiations anymore. It's bizarre. and d) It's too terrible to think about him leaving.

Of course, it's just plain hard to be negative in the spring. Still, I can't help but look back at last months Mark Rosen report and think of this:


Anonymous said...

Strib says Mauer's agent is in Ft. Myers trying to finalize the deal. It would be great if the AH!investigative team could get the e-mails exchanged between Shapiro and Smith over the next couple of weeks.


haasertime said...

you should do that. Guest post.