Thursday, March 11, 2010

Baseball's Winning Formula

They've done it. With help from all their degrees on their walls and their instruments and equations, the scientists have figured out how to win baseball.

In an article published last week entitled, "Scientist Says He Figured Out Baseball's Winning Formula," this writer guy attempts to explain scientist guy's tweak on a Bill James theory. I don't think writer guy fully understands it, but he attempts to summarize it with this:

...teams with good hitters who can get on base and get extra base hits will win more than a team without. Also, good pitching and defense with a good offense leads to even more wins.
Groundbreaking. Astounding. Revolutionary.

Anyway, it got us thinking. Can we further generalize winning attributes? Could we whittle it down to just ONE thing that consistently wins baseball games?

The worksheet: (click for full size)


Bryz said...

I love the worksheet! Can you get our professor to give a lecture on that though? I don't think it's fair to cheat by copying your worksheet...

Also, according to Bud Selig's Blue Panel Ribbon report, this worksheet is 100% true. Cash correlates to wins.

haasertime said...

Oh good, Bud Selig agrees with me. That should help my credibility.

alright, here's what i'm going to do. I'm going to look back at the past 15 WS champs and see where they ranked in payroll. Then I'll average them out.

kjamison said...

i copied it. but i pretended to get one wrong so the teacher wouldn't suspect me of cheating.